MAFS’ Melissa Lucarelli is ‘back on the bike’ after a decade-long sex drought

“It was a bit shaky, I feel like I was on a three-wheeler at the start.”
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Married at First Sight’s Melissa Lucarelli has opened up about the experience of ending a decade-long ‘sex drought’, which was well-documented during her time on the reality TV show.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Melissa Lucarelli discusses ‘breaking the drought’

Speaking to WHO, Melissa confirmed that although she was still single, she had returned to the bedroom.

“Finding your person, it’s hard – finding a good guy, it’s very hard,” she admitted.

“I did break the drought, but I haven’t found my person, I need more help…” she joked.

“I think it was pretty documented that I’d become scared of the penis.” (Credit: Instagram)

When asked how the experience was, she responded with a laugh.

“I think it was pretty documented that I’d become scared of the penis,” she said frankly.

“It had been a long time, but it was relieving, it was really good – back on that bike, Melissa!” she congratulated herself.

“It was a bit shaky, I felt like I was on a three-wheeler at the start, but yeah, I’m getting there.”

Mel during her time at Married at First Sight. (Credit: Nine)

Reports emerged in April that the man to break Melissa’s no-sex streak was none other than fellow MAFS contestant, Jake Edwards.

The Wash reported that Melissa, who was paired with Dino Hira on season six of the show, met up with the season eight groom for a night of passion after he filmed his reunion episode in Sydney.

When asked if it was all she’d hoped for, Melissa replied: “Um, no, not really. I guess I thought I would play it cool at least. And I was anything but cool guys, as I’m sure you can all imagine”.

Jake with his current girlfriend. (Credit: Instagram)

At the time, Jake had split from his on-screen wife, Bec Zemek, with the pair proving to be quite the disastrous couple. He was also yet to become official with Sophie Guidolin, whom he dated next.

While Jake and Sophie were also not meant to be, he recently debuted his new relationship with Clare Rankin.

“Never been happier,” he said alongside a number of pictures of himself with Clare.

“You have the biggest heart, you ground me, you’re smart, you’re beautiful, and yes, you’re funny,” he shared.

“In fact, you’re perfect. Thank you for being you.”

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