MAFS’ Olivia hits back at her TV edit: “That never happened”

The controversial bride is telling all.
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She was one of the most controversial brides on season nine of Married At First Sight, and Olivia Frazer is once again claiming that what you see isn’t necessarily what you get.

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After finally regaining control of her Instagram account, the former bride took to her Instagram Stories to answer several questions from fans.

Before getting into it, Olivia addressed that she would not be speaking about Domenica Calarco and that she wishes her to have a “happy, healthy, beautiful life.”

She did however address her TV edit, her relationship with Jackson Lonie, and why she deeply regrets going on MAFS – despite meeting the “love of her life”.

Olivia is baring all in a new Q&A about MAFS. (Credit: Nine)

When asked about her current status with Jackson, Olivia confirmed that they are still very much together and that he has said I love you, albeit not often enough.

“When he does it makes it mean more,” she said. Earlier in the Q&A she also addressed when their real wedding would be, and jokingly hinted that the ball was in Jackson’s court.

But, while she can credit the show for introducing her to the love of her life, Olivia said she would not recommend anyone to sign up.

“I would not let my worst enemy go on MAFS,” she said. “I found the love of my life, I got what everybody signs up to MAFS wanting, and I’m saying don’t do it.”

Olivia said she’s friends with most of the cast since leaving the show. (Credit: Instagram)

She went on to explain some of the regrets she has from her TV stint, which mainly revolves around how she was presented on-screen.

“I have a lot of regrets from MAFS, my biggest one is not leaving when I felt unsafe,” she said. “But for everything I did wrong, I apologised, you guys just didn’t get to see it.”

She into further detail when asked if she thought her edit “only showed an unpleasant side” of herself, saying she “100%” felt that way.

“I do absolutely take accountability for everything that I’ve said. I always have, I always did, you guys just never got to see it,” she explained.

“Let’s just say, I’m friends with most of the cast still so there’s no way if I was as awful as I look on TV that I would walk away with so many friends and the love of my life.”

The cast recently regained control of their Instagram accounts. (Credit: Instagram)

When asked to tell an example of how “highly edited” the show was to make her out to be the “bad guy”, Olivia referenced the “whole storyline that Jackson and I’s relationship was rocky” because she didn’t want him to go to the gym.

“That never happened. I was salty about filming in a gym because I thought they were trying to take the p**s out of me being a former fat girl. So that’s why I had the sh*ts while we were filming in the gym.”

“And then later when we’re talking to his friends, and I’m like, ‘he can’t do that, he’s not a frat boy…’ I’m talking about him going out on a bender all weekend,” she claimed.

Olivia said the reason behind it was that they had been talking about doing long-distance while he was still in Melbourne, and she didn’t want to go down there for him to be “going on a bender”.

“It was two different conversations that were edited to make me look like some evil control freak,” she said.

The controversial bride is still adamant that she received a “bad edit” on the show. (Credit: Nine)

She also clarified that while there are no scripts on MAFS, producers do “poke and prod” during voxies, or interviews to the camera.

“You have to repeat back the questions that producers asked you which is why it sometimes sounds scripted,” she said.

Throughout the lengthy Q&A, Olivia’s feelings about the show, her edit and everything else in between, were made pretty clear.

She’s long-held up that she received a “bad edit” on the show, but viewers aren’t so easily convinced. WHO recently unpacked why that is here.

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