Is there a MAFS love triangle between Booka, Jake and Bec?

We unpack all the goss.
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It’s no secret that Booka Nile knew her Married At First Sight co-star Jake Edwards before filming started but it seems like all is not well between the heavy metal musician and Jake’s on-screen wife, Bec Edwards.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Booka Nile’s song “Beam me up soft/f***boi”

Booka and Jake met in early 2020 for business reasons when Booka’s Sonic Minds mental health project teamed up with Jake’s Outside The Locker Room charity.

Earlier this month, Booka strongly denied rumours that she and Jake were a thing before the show, adding that they “friend-zoned” each other early on in their relationship.

“We’re such good friends, I wouldn’t want to ruin a friendship,” the heavy metal musician and mental health worker confessed to Hobart radio duo Jimmy and Nath.

“We have heaps in common but we’re also business partners – we’ve kind of friend-zoned each other pretty hard core already so once you friend-zone somebody it’s kind of hard to go back from there I feel.”

However, footage has emerged of the pair sharing a kiss at a New Year’s Eve party and Bec was reportedly “furious” when mutual friends told her about it.

“She didn’t think Booka would be the kind of girl to do that to her.” (Credit: Nine)

“She’s furious with both of them, but particularly because Booka and Jake are getting such a hero edit and being made out to be the nicest people on the show,” the source told Woman’s Day.

“She didn’t think Booka would be the kind of girl to do that to her,” says the source.

“Even though Jake and Booka knew each other before the show, Bec was reassured by both of them it was just a professional relationship.

“She feels really betrayed.”

“Even though Jake and Booka knew each other before the show, Bec was reassured by both of them it was just a professional relationship.” (Credit: Nine)

On Tuesday, Bec also hinted at a potential feud with Booka to Nova radio duo Fitzy and Wippa when she coyly remarked that she “might have” seen the kiss video.

“So this is after the experiment right? This wasn’t while you were doing it was it?” host Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald asked.

Bec replied: “No this was after the experiment had finished.. and Jake and I may or may not have been together..”


It’s not looking likely that Booka and Brett will leave the experiment together. (Credit: Nine)

Eagle-eyed fans have suspected that Booka and Brett are no longer together ever since the two didn’t watch their wedding episode together.

Reality TV podcast So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto later shared: “I can confirm that these two are no longer together, and not only that, they don’t even make it to the final vows.

“A person who knows Brett got in touch and said: ‘I know Brett, they definitely do not last. He reckons he’s going to get a bad edit, he’s back in Geelong and telling people they are not together.'”

Musician Booka also dropped her band Internet Friends’ new single, Beam me up soft/f***boi and though it only lasts for a minute, fans reckon it’s all about her groom Brett doing her wrong.

Lyrics include the lines:  “Boy, there’s some bulls*** on your face I’m coming,” and “You’re so predictable and you’ve lost all your appeal. You’re so basic my hymen has gone resealed.” Plus, the guy in the video could be Brett’s twin.

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