Jake Ellis’ cheeky comment about ex Megan Marx

The BIP beauty has a new man in her life - and Jake knows all about it.
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If we had to count the number of times Jake Ellis and Megan Marx broke up and then got back together again, we can’t even give an estimation.

However, after Megan went public with her new man (and no, it’s not Jake), her Bachelor in Paradise ex weighed in with a rather cheeky comment.

WATCH BELOW: Jake Ellis kisses Megan Marx on Bachelor in Paradise

On Monday night, Megan shared a stunning photo of herself and silver fox boyfriend Keith Newman.

The same photo was re-shared by The Wash who captioned their post: “Following her 726th split from Jake Ellis last year, Megan Marx debuted her new man on Insta tonight. And it’s so nice seeing such a big smile back on her face.”

But it was Jake’s cheeky comment about his on and off again relationship that gave us a good laugh.

“It was the 727th actually LOL,” he commented.

Jake isn’t afraid to poke a bit of fun at himself. (Credit: Instagram)

In Megan’s photo, the couple smile sweetly at the camera from a beachy looking location.

“Keef. What a handsome f***er,” the Bachelor in Paradise star captioned her snap.

Fans congratulated Megan on her new relationship and agreed that Keith is indeed a looker.

“Geez he is hot,” one remarked.

“Hot looking couple!!! He looks like he smells nice too, dont ask me!” laughed another.

“What a handsome f***er.” (Credit: Instagram)

During the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise, Jake made the bold decision to leave the island to pursue a relationship with Megan.

“We’ve been through so much together, from the high of meeting on a reality TV show and falling head over heels in love, to the fact that she was there for me when my mum Robyn died, aged 64, from breast cancer,” Jake explained to WHO in July last year.

“We’ve had our ups and downs but I think we’re meant to be.”

The handsome reality star added that he is ready to settle down.

“I’m looking for my own happy ever after – marriage, kids and settling down. I know I’ve found ‘the one’ – now Megan and I just have to make it work,” he said.

Megan and Jake first fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise season one. (Credit: Ten)
Tragedy struck the Ellis family in 2018 when Jake’s mum Robyn lost her 25 year long battle with breast cancer.

In July 2020, Jake’s father Brian passed away after struggling with an aggressive form of cancer and dementia, but the memory of his parents lives on.

Taking to Instagram on the third anniversary of his mum’s death, Jake shared a sweet photo of himself with her – the last one they ever had together.

I’ve always shared my emotions of grief in losing both my parents, I guess in a sense it helps a little, but today makes that devastating day feel like it was yesterday,” he wrote.

“Even three years on, it still hits me like a freight train on these anniversaries. I miss her wholeheartedly, every single day, but at the same time I am grateful for the Mum and love that I did have every day too. She was an incredible woman and Mother. Something that words or time will ever truly describe, but I like to think I carry the best of her with me always.”

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