It may feature oldies, but they are certainly goodies.
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Diane (Keaton), Vivian (Fonda), Sharon (Bergen) and Carol (Steenburgen) have been in a book club since Vivian introduced them to Erica Jong’s controversial 1973 novel, Fear of Flying.

Since then, they have all lived relatively straight- forward lives while meeting once a month over a tome to catch up. Widowed Diane has raised two daughters (one is played by Alicia Silverstone), who now are smothering her with their concern.

Sharon is impressive in her work life as a federal judge but flailing personally: her ex-husband is dating someone the same age as their son’s new fiancé. Carol owns her own restaurant but has lost that spark with husband Bruce (Craig T. Nelson). For their anniversary, she bought them dance lessons, he bought ear plugs (in a Tiffany-coloured box!).

book club
No fifty shades of grey hair, more the new ‘Sex and the City’ gang

And finally, there is hotel owner Vivian, who never lost her spark, and likes to share it around, keeping her heart uninvolved. And so, some 40 years after their last controversial read, she proposes Fifty Shades of Grey as their latest book club pick.

Despite reservations, the quartet give the raunchy novel a go and it becomes a catalyst for change. Diane meets a handsome pilot (Andy Garcia), Sharon decides to give online dating a go, Carol looks for ways to add flavour to her marriage, and Vivian happens across the one that got away, Arthur (Don Johnson), and after all these years he’s still interested. The rest of the plot is delightfully predictable but with sweet farce along the way.

Book Club is such an enjoyable film: it may feature oldies, but they are certainly goodies. In cinemas now!

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