MAFS’ Olivia Frazer debuts breakup transformation!

Getting him out of her hair!
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Married at First Sight star Olivia Frazer has stunned fans with a new haircut after splitting from Jackson Lonie. 

WATCH BELOW: Olivia Frazer addresses fans after split with Jackson

Taking to Instagram to share the process and result, she captioned a selfie “getting that breakup hair already.”

In videos posted by Olivia, fans were able to see a shorter, blond new look. 

The new haircut comes just one week after Olivia and Jackson announced their separation

“Getting that breakup hair ready.” (Credit: Instagram)

The couple had been together for 10 months after meeting on this year’s season of Married At First Sight. 

As Olivia documented her haircut, she answered a number of questions from fans on her Instagram stories. 

One fan asked why the couple were choosing not to share the reason why they broke up, with Olivia replying that “we just want one aspect of our relationship to be private. Just one.” 

She also added that “it’s not…juicy” and that “it’s really no one’s business.”

Olivia debuted an updated blonde look and bouncy bangs. (Credit: Instagram)

Last week, just days after the couple announced their split, Olivia had shared with fans that whilst she wanted to move into her own place, she was still living with Jackson.

As she waited for her haircut she shed light on the situation, revealing that the living situation had changed. 

When asked if she had found a new place, Olivia replied “nope! Have applied for places and just waiting to hear back. It’s madness!”

“I just need a little space for myself and Stella and it’s taking SO long. I’m stressed and frustrated.”

Olivia also revealed that she was not living with Jackson anymore, giving a “shoutout to my beautiful friend Bec who’s let me take over her spare room.”

Olivia is looking for somewhere to live after her split from Jackson Lonie (Credit: Nine Network)

Olivia also revealed that she had considered that her public profile was why she was struggling to find a rental. 

“The thought has crossed my mind, but I have no idea what would be in the press that would make me sound like a bad tenant. 

“Also, if Real Estate Agents were smart and read certain articles, they would know I’m gearing up to buy a home.”

“Surely they wouldn’t burn a bridge of a potential buyer.”

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The reality TV star also revealed that she and Jackson were on speaking terms, adding that “I think we always will be.”

As she neared the end of her salon visit, Olivia also made the surprising revelation that she has “no idea” if she will watch the next season of MAFS

She explained that although she wanted to watch the season so she could emotionally support “whoever they f**k over next,” she was terrified that watching the show would trigger her PTSD.

She also added that she “definitely don’t want to contribute to their ratings or support their reckless and, frankly, dangerous narratives.”

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