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Cass Wood is eliminated from Bachelor Australia after Nick Cummins tells Brittany the truth about their history

The truth is finally out... And it sent Cass packing.

Viewers across the nation had an inkling that this day would come but watching Nick Cummins say goodbye to Cass Wood will go down as one of the saddest and most brutual rose cermonies in the Bachelor Australia history. 

After saying goodbye to Dasha, it is clear we’ve reached the pointy end of the Bachelor.

The highly-anticipated home visits had finally arrived with Cass Wood’s family kicking things off.

The Bachelor Australia
(Credit: The Bachelor Australia)

And in the very minutes, both Cass and Nick confirm the extent of their romance.

“I met Cass last year but unfortunately the timing wasn’t right. In a strange turn of events here she is,” Nick shared, continuing, “It’s the second chance for me and Cass. I do have feelings so Cass. After our single date I realised the connection was still there. She’s a cracking bird.”

As for Cass, the feelings are more intense.

“I met Nick on the Northern Beaches. It is where I live and it is where he was living. I’ve already told my family so much about Nick and our past. He met my brother before at my birthday last year.”

Home towns was always on Cass’ mind, and as she speaks out about her views on Nick – it makes sense. 

“I’d like to believe in fairy tales. To be with Nick would be a dream come true. I already had strong feelings before coming here.”

“Falling in love in this situation is a possibility for me,” she says, “I feel so certain and if he feels the same way back – that brings us one step closer to that perfect fairy tale ending.”

“He makes me feel special. I think he’s the perfect guy.”

The 31-year-old met with Cass’ family including her mum, stepdad Gary, brother and older sister Sammy. The introduction went swimmingly.

Cass admitted to her mum and sister, “I have really strong feelings.”

But things took an awkward turn when Nick couldn’t tell Sammy how he truly felt.

“My feelings are growing but right now with the four – I’m lost. With Cassie I see a beautiful girl and spirit. But I don’t want just a girlfriend. I want a life partner.If I end up with Cassie, no doubt feelings will escalate.”

Just like her daughter, Cass’ mum was taken, gushing, “He already feels like he’s part of the furniture.”

The Bachelor Australia
(Credit: The Bachelor Australia)
The Bachelor Australia
“I came here to fall in love… I don’t know what to say. I’m scared.” (Credit: The Bachelor Australia)

During Brittany’s home visit, the truth about Nick’s history with Cass came out – which prompted the 31-year-old to confront the young blonde at the cocktail party.

“What was your relationship? It came out at my home visit and I was mortified,” she said.

Cass, shocked by the question, replied, “I am so sorry. I don’t know what you would call it. We went on a couple of dates there were feelings but yeah.”

Brittany couldnt contain her anger, saying she felt that Cass was the winner. She then asked if their relationship was physical.

Not denying it, “We kissed and stuff. This is a really inappropriate situation. I don’t know how to handle it.”

The Bachelor Australia
The Bachelor Australia

In the end Nick said goodbye to his former flame.

“Can I give you a hug,” he asked before explaining his decision, “We have the best time. I’ve loved every minute. Youre an amazing woman your smile lights up a room. But at this moment in time we’ve hit a ceiling.”

“I hope we can still be friends.”

The Bachelor Australia
The Bachelor Australia

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