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Meet the Islanders of Love Island Australia 2023

A brand new batch of hot young singles are entering the Villa!
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Get ready Australia! Love Island Australia is back for its fifth season and it’s already proving to be an unforgettable year. 

Watch Below: Love Island Australia 2023 Teaser Trailer

Returning once again to Malorcas Spain, the 2023 season of Love Island Australia will see the return of long-time host Sophie Monk and ten hot new singles looking for love. 

The first trailer of the season hinted at a significant shift in power dynamics, with a “wicked new power shift” that will see “the girls hold all the power.”

Promising the “spiciest twist ever,” and the introduction of a “new villain era,” fans eagerly waited for the new season which debuted on October 30 and so far the season has lived up to the hype! 

Meet the Bombshells of Love Island Australia 2023

love island new bombshell clint
(Credit: Nine)


From: Sunshine Coast, QLD
Age: 28

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love island new bombshell harmony
(Credit: Nine)


From: Sydney, NSW
Age: 23

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love island australia bombshell chloe
(Credit: Nine)


From: Sydney, NSW
Age: 23
Occupation: Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

Chloe has spent a lot of time in the UK, where she was a ballerina. In her latest work adventure, she signed on to join the Navy and will be in training while Love Island Australia is on air.

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love island australia bombshell seb
(Credit: Nine)


From: Melbourne, Victoria
Age: 24
Occupation: Entrepreneur

Charming and a smooth operator, Seb has what it takes to come into the Villa at this later stage of Love Island Australia.

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tasia love island elimination
(Credit: Nine)


From: Brisbane, QLD
Age: 24
Occupation: Bartender

Glamorous and fun with a big personality, Tasia knows what she wants going into the Villa. After a past full of cheating exes, she’s ready to turn over a new leaf – one that includes no more toxic men. 

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love island australia bombshell andy
(Credit: Nine)


From: Gold Coast, QLD
Age: 27
Occupation: Professional Baseball Player

Born and raised in Seattle in the United States, Andy has only recently fallen in love with Australia, in particular the Gold Coast. After two and a half years living the single life, Andy is ready to find love again! 

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love island australia bombshell georgia
(Credit: Nine)


From: Penrith, NSW
Age: 21
Occupation: Retail and student

A full glamour who grew up in Western Sydney, Georgia is set to make a splash in the Love Island Villa!

love island ryan eliminated
(Credit: Nine)


From: Wollongong, NSW
Age: 27
Occupation: Coal Miner, former NRL rugby league player

Honest and open and wearing his heart on his sleeve, Ryan admits to breaking hearts in the past, but says he has learnt his lesson. The boys might be initially intimidated by his sheer size, but Ryan is a softie at heart!

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love island australia bombshell ryan
(Credit: Nine)


From: Sydney, NSW
Age: 29
Occupation: Trade Assistant

At 29, Aidan is a bit older than the OG Islanders…mature, sexy and with a killer smile, no doubt he will turn heads.

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love island bombshell Abby
(Credit: Nine)

Abby Millar 

From: Sydney, NSW
Age: 23
Occupation: Makeup artist

Abby is no stranger to reality television, after appearing briefly on the 2023 series of The Bachelors Australia. She had no luck finding her dream man, so she thought she would give another show a go!

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love island australia bombshell reid
Reid Polak (Credit: Nine)

Reid Polak 

From: Gold Coast, QLD
Age: 26
Occupation: Personal trainer/Model

Of all the male Islanders he has the biggest following on social media! His motivation for going on the show is to have fun, find love, and maybe gain a few extra followers.

“I’m going to go in and have the time of my life,” he said.

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love island bombshell lucinda
Lucinda Strafford (Credit: Nine)

Lucinda Strafford 

Age: 23

From: England

With one appearance on Love Island UK under her belt, British beauty Lucinda knows what to expect, and is set on having the best time possible in the Villa. 

“I feel like I was so young last time, I was only 21,” she said. “I’m more mature now and I’m just itching to get in there, and of course hopefully find an Aussie boyfriend.”

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Meet the Contestants of Love Island Australia 2023

love island australia kirra eliminated
Kirra Schofield. (Credit: Nine)

Kirra Schofield

Age: 26
Occupation: Early Childhood Educator
From: Perth, WA

Think Kirra looks familiar? Maybe it’s because she appeared on this year’s season of MAFS, supporting her sister Bronte!

Kirra explained appearing briefly on the show was “intense.” “Me and my sister Bronte are so supportive of each other and we fight for each other, so to see what she was going through was so full-on,” she added.

“I feel like I take on her problems and what she does. When someone does her dirty, I am out for that person too. When I was hearing what she was going through it was tough, but I had to stand up for her.”

Now it’s her turn to find love, and Bronte had some advice before she entered the Villa; “She said just be yourself and be strong and you will be fine.”

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love island australia tyra
Tyra Johannes. (Credit: Nine)

Tyra Johannes

Age: 23
Occupation: Accounts
From: Sunshine Coast, QLD

What is Tyra looking for in a partner? “Definitely honesty,” she explains to WHO. “Just open communication, a sense of humour, someone who is supportive…all the basic and good qualities you want in a person.” 

Describing herself as an emotionally aware person, a bit goofy, carefree, fun and super chilled, Tyra tells us that whilst it isn’t a dealbreaker, she’s entering the Villa to look for a “serious relationship.”

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Love Island Australia meet Nakia
Nakia Pires. (Credit: Nine)

Nakia Pires

Age: 21
Occupation: Store Worker
From: Adelaide, SA

Hailing from a farm outside Adelaide in rural South Australia, Nakia has recently moved to the city and left a two-and-a-half-year relationship. 

“I want to test myself and get out of my comfort zone,” Nakia tells WHO. “I really want to get in the Villa and hopefully fall in love with a best friend.” 

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love island tia eliminated
Tia Gregory. (Credit: Nine)

Tia Gregory

Age: 24
Occupation: Real Estate
From: Canberra, ACT
Following five years of being single, Tia is entering the Villa on a mission to find real love and settle down. 

“I have done a lot of self-growth in the past, and I built my career up after that. I feel there is now one thing missing, and that is that other half,” Tia tells WHO. “I don’t need it, but I think it’s time to be open to it.”

“I’ve always been shut off and this is the perfect opportunity to go in there. It’s going to be an amazing challenge for me.” 

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savanah love island
Savanah Badger. (Credit: Nine)

Savanah Badger

Age: 26
Occupation: Law Graduate
From: Adelaide, SA

Outgoing law graduate Savanah could be mistaken for being the Australian version of Legally Blonde. She graduated from her six-year law degree last year with honours, and often with her pet chihuahua Mr Cheeto by her side.

Now she’s having a gap year as she figures out if she wants to become a junior lawyer.

“I have burnt through every possible dating outlet in Adelaide,” Savanah shares with WHO. ” I thought Love Island is a great way to broaden my horizons and meet people from all over Australia.”

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love island nate
Nate Page. (Credit: Nine)

Nate Page

Age: 24
Occupation: Personal Trainer
From: Sydney, NSW
Nate may have watched one season of Love Island UK four years ago, but he’s never watched a full episode since. “Since then I have never watched a full episode which I love because I’m coming in blind,” Nate tells WHO
Whilst Nate’s open to a serious relationship, he’s entering the Villa “looking for a fun experience” and focusing on “self-discovery” over anything else.
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love island zac
Zac Nunns. (Credit: Nine)

Zac Nunns

Age: 25
Occupation: Student
From: Melbourne, Victoria

A former electrician, Zac is now studying media and communications and still working out what is next. That includes heading into the Love Island Australia Villa, which he admits has come at a perfect time.

“I had just gotten back from a holiday in Europe,” Zac tells WHO, “I made a joke with some people in Europe that I was going to apply…I thought about it, and thought – why not? So I applied and here I am.” 

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ben love island australia eliminated
Ben Richardson. (Credit: Nine)

Ben Richardson

Age: 22
Occupation: Videographer and Content Creator
From: Sydney, NSW

Ben has been single since high school, but he is looking for a serious girlfriend and admits he is husband material at 22.

“I only date to marry,” Ben tells WHO. “I don’t like to play games.”

“I always saw myself going on Love Island,” he continues. “Years ago I thought I would love to go on the show for fun [and then] I got scouted and I thought I may as well apply. I have nothing to lose, I want to explore and get out of my comfort zone.”

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love island australia ollie eliminated
Ollie Lawson. (Credit: Nine)

Ollie Lawson

Age: 24
Occupation: FIFO Mining Electrician
From: Perth, WA
Charismatic and someone who takes care of himself, Ollie has been waiting to do a show like Love Island Australia for a while and hopes it brings new opportunities.

“I haven’t watched [Love Island] before,” Ollie shares with WHO.”When I found out I was going on the show, it was like … I can rewatch the old series or I can go into this completely blind and it’s all new to me, so my reactions are going to be 100 percent genuine.” 

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love island trent
Trent Woolman. (Credit: Nine)

Trent Woolman

Age: 25
Occupation: Tower Crane Operator
From: Melbourne, Victoria
Trent went to school with Phoebe Spiller, who went all the way last year on Love Island Australia with her now partner, Mitch Eliot. He admits he has had a crush on Phoebe in the past and they have hooked up before, but he is happy that she has found love with Mitch.
Watching Phoebe’s journey motivated Trent to also try his hand at the show. “Seeing Phoebe from last year do so well was one source of motivation,” he tells WHO. “Seeing her come out of it with a great boyfriend in Mitch really motivated me.”
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Love Island Australia 2023 Release Date

 Love Island Australia! will begin airing on Monday, October 30.

Where to watch Love Island Australia 2023

Love Island Australia will be available to stream on 9Now.

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