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MAFS Mishel Karen is becoming a grandmother at 50

Is this becoming a trend?
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The former Married AT First Sight star Mishel Karen, 50, has announced the exciting news that she is becoming a grandmother.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS star Mishel Karen works out.

Mishel’s son Sam Trajceski, 21 and his girlfriend Chloe Jasmin are expecting their first child.

The news has left Mishel over the moon as she prepares for her family to grow.

She posted on her Instagram a caption celebrating the news, “I am going to be a grandma! You can call me ‘MeeMee’ pronounced mee-mee, it is what I am being called as grandmother.

The baby is due in August. (Credit: Instagram)

“I am pretty bloody excited!!!

“My son @sam_trajceski and his beautiful partner @chloe_jasmin will be parents in August! My humans are now making their own humans WOW.”

The post includes a 3D rendering of the baby, a sonogram, and Mishel has decorated the images with lettering that reads, “My first grand baby is on the way!”

It is unknown where the moniker “MeeMee” comes from but it is a cuter alternative to the matronly Gran or Nan.

Mishel with her daughter Eva, 19 and son Sam, 21. (Credit: Instagram)

Daughter-in-law Chloe Jasmin made a baby announcement on her Instagram, and Mishel quickly showed her unconditional support for the young girl.

She gushed, “I am going to be a MeeMee, I love this little one so so much already xxx.”

A year after MAFS, Mishel has started an OnlyFans account, where she sells feet pictures and has sold underwear to the highest bidder.

Chloe Jasmin craddling her growing bump. (Credit: Instagram)

She posted on her account the modest sum of $67 was awarded to her panties.

On her OnlyFans profile it says, “This is my collection of personal moments and photos, that I share with you and only you.

“It is a place that we can learn about each other.”

You see, she isn’t a regular MeeMee; she is a ‘cool’ MeeMee.

Mishel isn’t the only former contestant to become a young grandmother.

“It is a place that we can learn about each other.” (Credit: Instagram)

Ning Surasiang announced that she became a grandmother at 36 when her 17 year-old-daughter, Kia, gave birth to a baby girl named Freya.

Ning posted an emotional tribute to her Instagram that read, “So very proud of my oldest daughter, who did something I wasn’t able to ever do.

“Thank you for having me with you to witness the most incredible, beautiful and raw experience called childbirth. Watching your baby have a baby was an emotional experience for all of us, but you kicked a**e hunnay! Kia you are one tough cookie. Words can not describe how proud I am of you, you didn’t complain, not once you said you couldn’t do it. Not even one curse word. You did better then good mama.”

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