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CONFIRMED: Locky Gilbert is still dating The Bachelor winner

Channel 10 has officially put those split rumours to bed.
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Channel 10 has confirmed that Locky Gilbert is still dating his chosen winner on The Bachelor this season, following fan speculation the former Survivor star has already split from the woman he chooses in next week’s finale.

WATCH: Locky Gilbert reveals he falls in love with not one, but two women on The Bachelor

With only three winning couples from The Bachelor still together – Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich, Matty J and Laura Byrne, along with Sam and Snezana Wood – fans have begun to suspect that perhaps in 2020, Locky’s romance this season will also be short-lived.

Plus, with strict border closures in place across various states and territories around the country, Perth-based Locky and his winner and currently in a long distance relationship, having only seen each other once since filming wrapped.

But Channel 10 has officially put the breakup rumours to bed, confirming Locky and his winner are indeed still together.

“Locky and his chosen lady are still together and very happy,” a spokeswoman told The Daily Telegraph on Thursday.

Image: Channel 10
Ten says Locky Gilbert and his chosen winner are still together. (Image: Channel 10)

The network has previously confirmed that Locky falls in love with not just one, but two women this season, with the finale culminating in an agonising choice for the 30-year-old.

“Locky, by his own admission, falls in love with more than one girl,” The Bachelor Australia’s executive producer Hilary Innes told Media Week in August.

The outcome of this season appears to be the exact opposite of what happened in 2018, when the Bachelor decided to leave the show without a partner.

“Famously the Honey Badger [Nick Cummins] couldn’t choose someone,” Hillary said, “and now we have a Bachelor who has fallen in love with more than one girl, which is a first for us in Australia.”

Image: Channel 10
“I’m in love with both of them,” Locky said in one of the show’s first teaser trailers. (Image: Channel 10)

In a shock teaser trailer that aired before the show premiered, Ten described the tense finale as “an ending you won’t believe”

“It shouldn’t be this way, but it is. I’m in love with both of them,” Locky laments in the jaw-dropping trailer.

“It’s ripping me apart. Like, you don’t break up with someone that you love.”

In vision from the final rose ceremony, where Locky makes his final decision, he is seen breaking down in tears over his agonising choice, yelling, “F–king hell” on camera.

Image: Channel 10
Locky says he is deeply in love with his new partner. (Image: Channel 10)

But Locky, who has previously making that call “one of the hardest decisions of my life”, revealed last month he was head over heels in love with his chosen lady.

“It’s an amazing feeling – I don’t think I’ve felt love like this before,” he told Now To Love.

“I wake every morning and the love is stronger and stronger, I can see so far into the future [with her].”

Nurse Irena Srbinovska is currently the favourite tipped to win the show, along with Bella Varelis and intruder Bec Cvilikas. 

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