Rebecca Judd reveals her “bad parenting fail”

"I sent them with the nanny instead."
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It’s comforting to know that even Rebecca Judd— who has four children under the age of eight— is partial to a parenting fail or two!

WATCH: Rebecca Judd opens up about sending their nanny to their sons’ first day of school

Days before her massive Coachella-themed housewarming event was due to take place, the speech therapist was left panicking after learning her twin sons’ kindergarten orientation day was scheduled for the same time her guests were set to arrive. 

Telling her KIIS FM listeners on The 3pm Pick Up, the Aussie WAG confirmed she and her hubby Chris decided to send their nanny to Tom and Darcy’s first day of school, which she jokingly described as a “parenting fail”. 

Rebecca and her husband share four children together. (Credit: Instagram)

“Well they had to go,” said the 36-year-old who also shares son Oscar, eight, and daughter Billie, five, with Chris. “I sent them with the nanny because Chris and I were obviously at the party hosting all these people… what a bad parenting fail.” 

While she felt guilty, Rebecca breathed a sigh of relief when she discovered she wasn’t the only one who favoured partying at their $7.3 million Brighton home over attending their child’s orientation day! 

“The funniest thing was, half of the parents in their class were invited to the party, so all their kids went in with randoms as well. Isn’t it funny! Your last kids, you just send them off with someone.

“The first kids, I would have cancelled the party and held their hands and walked them in,” she continued, adding she was less worried about sending her son’s off with the nanny seeing as she knew what to expect from the meeting. 

Rebecca and Chris are parents to twins, as well as two other children! (Credit: Instagram)

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only dilemma Rebecca was forced to deal with before their ‘Juddchella’ bash kicked off.

Earlier this week, she revealed in another segment of her radio show that the lead up to their star-studded gig was nothing short of a disaster, with her husband driving his car into their newly built garage. Yep, you bet it left a massive hole in their newly painted wall. 

“The morning before (the party) Chris smashed one of our cars into the garage wall which is the first bit of the house that people walked into,” she said, adding the mishap occurred a day before the event took place. “I was having a house-warming party but I locked the house because I did not want 125 drunk people wrecking it. So people had to walk through the garage. There is a hole… We need to get it replastered.”

(Credit: Instagram)

As we also know, the police were also called and turned up to the party moments after their new neighbour made a noise complaint. 

“At 4:40 pm we have the police at the front door because a neighbour had complained because their daughter was trying to study and couldn’t. 4:40 pm on a Saturday afternoon. Unbelievable! The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day. Day, not night,” she said on her KIIS FM radio show. 

“Anyway, the police come. They take a listen and say, ‘You can actually turn it up louder and you can actually go on later. You can go until 10:30.'” 

Rebecca’s housewarming was nothing short of incredible. (Credit: Instagram)

Their presence came as a shock to the television presenter considering she’d warned her neighbours in advance that she and her husband were throwing a lavish event. 

“I am a bit of a goody-two-shoes and always make sure that I do the right thing by everybody,” she added. “So I texted some of my neighbours, emailed some of the others and did a letter drop as well to all of the aforementioned people and said, ‘It is going to be very loud. We have a DJ and a sax player, but it’s going to finish at 10pm.'” 

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