Dismissed! All the celebs who’ve left SAS Australia

"I have no regrets about this."
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SAS Australia is known for its gruelling nature, with its celebrity participants pushed to their absolute limits on each day of filming.

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While a few make it to the end of the course, many are quick to realise the brutal reality of SAS training is not for them, and either quit the competition voluntarily, or are told to leave by the DS (directing staff).

Here’s everyone who has left SAS Australia in season two so far.

Socialite Brynne Edelsten left six hours into the program. (Credit: Ten)

Brynne Edelsten

Socialite Brynne Edelsten gave Roxy Jacenko a run for her money, choosing to leave six hours into the program.

After injuring her knee, the ex-wife of businessman Geoffrey Edelsten had to concede she was not fit enough to continue the course.

“I’ve lived a very high life, but there are also times I have struggled. I am mentally strong, but I don’t have physical strength,” Brynne explained to the camera.

“I have no regrets about this, if anything it encourages me to try and work to see what I can do in the future,” she said.

(Credit: Seven)

Erin Holland

Model and TV presenter, Erin Holland, came to the end of her SAS Australia journey last night when it became apparent she didn’t have the strength to complete the course.

After failing to correctly complete a task, she was instructed to carry Dan Ewing over her shoulders for a lap of a yard, but could barely lift him. With her fellow recruits suffering as they waited for her to finish, she withdrew to save them from the pain.

Gutted my time on @sasaustralia came to an end so soon. I had all the heart & head, but lacked the body to see it through,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It’s so hard to see myself so vulnerable, but if this course has taught me anything, it’s surrendering to the pain & learning how to fail with grace.”

(Credit: Seven)

Manu Feildel

The celebrity chef decided he was out when tasked with sitting in a submerged van below water for 40 seconds.

He stood up, handed in his number, shook the DS’s hand and walked off.

“I came on this course to prove something to myself, and I’ve just realised I don’t need to prove anything,” he said. “I’ve got a f***ing good life, and I want it back.”

With the daunting nature of that challenge at play, we can’t say we blame him!

(Credit: Seven)

Emma Husar

The former politician made a tearful exit as she realised the extent of her calf injury was going to hold her back in physical challenges.

Claiming that her head and her heart wanted to stay more than anything, Emma made the call out of fear of holding the rest of the recruits back.

“I’ve had some complications to my rehab with illness, I’m still not running properly or back on the court,” Emma explained on Instagram.

“And I’ve got unfinished business with the course. 😷 Will I be back?” she teased.

(Credit: Seven)

Pete Murray

While fighting Mark Philippoussis in a hand-to-hand combat challenge, singer Pete Murray sustained a dislocated elbow. Needing to undergo X-rays, he was forced to withdraw for medical reasons.

In a rare show of kindness, DS Ant Middleton told Pete not to be sorry, and that he had committed, which was all he could do.

Pete told the camera shortly after to “not be scared of their age,” and to “get out there and have a go”. 

(Credit: Seven)

Alicia Molik

After a brutal fight with Jana Pittman in the same challenge, former tennis player Alicia Molik voluntarily withdrew from the course, handing over her number to the DS.

Ant also showed kindness to Alicia, hugging her and telling her “it is what it is” when he came to say goodbye, also sharing an important message on failure.

“It’s about failing … failure’s out there. I failed up till now in my life, and I’ll fail till the day I die. It’s not going anywhere,” he said.

(Credit: Seven)

Kerri Pottharst

Olympian Kerri Pottharst was the eldest recruit on SAS Australia, but she refused to let that hold her back, giving the course her absolute best effort right until the very end.

Suffering a knee injury, she battled on, pulling off the ice-swim challenge flawlessly before finally deciding the strain was too much and voluntarily withdrawing.

“I’m really, really proud,” Kerri told New Idea after her elimination.

“I’ve been getting so many messages from women all over the country who have been inspired to do more and have told me what’s going on in their lives and how I’ve inspired them,” she divulged.

(Credit: Seven)

Bonnie Anderson

After her emotions and stress became too much to handle in training, Bonnie Anderson also withdrew from the show voluntarily last night.

She shared a very sweet moment with DS Ant Middleton, who – although tough on the recruits – has the occasional flash of love and appreciation for the celebs he works with.

When Bonnie said she was leaving, Ant wrapped her in a massive hug.

“You’ve been amazing. Gutted to see you going,” he told her.

‘Now you can go and inspire others, and hopefully inspire yourself too to be a better version of who you are, which I know you have been,” he said.

(Credit: Seven)

Isabelle Cornish

Despite the DS stating that she hadn’t yet reached her full potential on the course, Isabelle Cornish was determined to go.

After injuring her leg on day three, she decided to not push herself any harder and risk worsening the injury.

She handed in her number and headed off, proud of what she had achieved.

Personally, I didn’t go on the show to prove anything. I went on there to hopefully be an inspiration to others, share my story and see if I love doing cool sh*t as much as my head believes,” the actor wrote on Instagram.

“I actually had a little post sas meltdown because I wanted to run away from my life and join the military,” she added.

(Credit: Seven)

Koby Abberton

The former Bra Boy and big-wave surfer also voluntarily withdrew from the course last night, when issues with his back made it too difficult to go on.

He revealed that he had broken his back twice in the past, and that he didn’t see the point in continuing.

Koby thanked his Instagram followers after his withdrawal with a short video, where he was joined by his wife and son.

“I’m blessed and happy. Let’s see where this life takes me. I’m always up for the challenge of life. 🙏✊❤️,” he wrote.

“Thanks gang what’s next? 😂”

(Credit: Seven)

Jett Kenny

While Ironman Jett Kenny had performed the course pretty flawlessly so far, it seemed hunger got the better of him last night, leading him to voluntarily withdraw. He approached the DS, who responded to the withdrawal with great kindness, telling Jett he’d done a great job.

(Credit: Seven)

Jessica Peris

After a surprise attack which saw her throw dirt in Jana Pittman’s face to win a combat challenge, Jessica looked like she was set for a pretty great episode. However, the log-pulling challenge saw Jess meet her end.

Jessica was earnest with DS Ant Middleton, who celebrated her, saying that she had been his morale throughout the course, and that he was proud of her. It marked the end of a lovely journey for Jessica, who spoke very candidly about her issues with mental health while on the show.

(Credit: Seven)

Heath Shaw

After really struggling in the log challenge, kind of withdrawing, then rejoining, Heath decided to call it quits at the end of the day and hand in his number.

While the DS was a bit tougher on him, he eventually accepted the withdrawal and sent Heath on his way – leaving us with only five recruits going forward.

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