Five Blind Dates Premieres on Prime Video, Setting the Stage for Aussie Romance

Just in time for Valentines Day!
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It’s surprising to think that there hasn’t been an Australian Amazon original movie until now, but Five Blind Dates perfectly captures the essence of Aussie cinema, making it an ideal choice for introducing new global audiences to the genre.

A talented and diverse cast, Aussie filming locations and of course lots of love – Five Blind Dates follows Lia as she reluctantly agrees to be set up with five different suitors.

As the romantic comedy premiers on Prime Video, WHO caught up with influencer and actor Shuang Hu, who not only created and co-wrote the film but also stars in the leading role of Lia. 

five blind dates
(Credit: Prime Video) (Credit: Prime Video)

“We basically drew inspiration from our life and put it into a movie,” Shuang, who co-wrote the film alongside Nathan Ramos-Park explains. 

“Lia moved away from her hometown to chase her career, I moved to LA. Her mum gave her a two-year ultimatum and I gave myself a two-year ultimatum…I think all of the characters are sort of based on my real life with my mum, dad and sister.”

five blind dates
(Credit: Prime Video) (Credit: Prime Video)

Shuang didn’t hesitate to draw from her own life when writing Five Blind Dates, seamlessly blending Australian and Chinese cultures into the storyline.

“I am Chinese Australian…telling this story is all I know. I really wanted to tell a story that could mesh the two major cultural influences in my life. It’s an obligation that I have to my cultural heritage that I be authentic.”

five blind dates
(Credit: Prime Video) (Credit: Prime Video)

Starring alongside Shuang is a talented and hilarious supporting cast, including Desmond Chiam, Tzi Ma, Yoson An, Mel Jarnson, Rob Collins, Jon Prasida, Tiffany Wong and Renee Lim. 

“I knew that this was going to be a chance for me to showcase my community,” Shuang explains when discussing the casting decisions. “[We] don’t normally get this opportunity otherwise and so I had to create roles for [Asian Australians], that was my big driving factor.”

“I have an opportunity to show off hot Asian guys so that the rest of the world can see just how wonderful Asian Australians are! They’re just not represented on screen enough.”

Where to watch Five Blind Dates 

Stream Five Blind Dates now on Prime Video with a 30-day free trial. Subscribe here.

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