Ben Feldman Stumbles into Remote Western Australia in Crime Comedy, Population 11

"This is definitely the most remote I've ever lived..."
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Outback Australia, a unique but small group of locals, a missing father and an estranged son trying to find him – what could go wrong? 

The newest Aussie Stan Original Series, Population 11, is a comedic crime thriller that stars the likes of Ben Feldman, Perry Mooney, Stephen Curry, and Katrina Milosevic. 

Inspired by true events, the series showcases Australian landscapes, humour…and conspiracy theories, delivering a whacky but heart-warming story of an American in remote WA. 

Watch Below: Population 11 Trailer

Is Ben Feldman in Population 11?

Ben Feldman is the executive producer of the series and also stars as the leading character; Andy Pruden, a suburban bank teller from Ohio who arrives in the tiny outback town to find his father. 

“I loved the script,” he tells WHO. “The script was perfect and it was everything that I wanted to do. It was exactly the kind of show that I was looking to do…so it was an easy yes.”

Ben is joined by a stellar Aussie ensemble cast for the show, including Cassie (Perry Mooney), another outsider who joins Andy’s quest to find his father. 

“I loved that she was written as a First Nations character straight off the bat,” Perry tells WHO, “for me that’s really important…I just loved that she was there and that’s who she was. And she could be anything else that I wanted her to be.”

“I’ve just found her really intriguing…she’s got an interesting story.”

population 11
(Credit: Stan)

Is Population 11 based on Last Stop Larrimah?

Although the show is loosely based on the real-life disappearance of Paddy Moriarty from Larrimah, Population 11 takes on a unique and increasingly fictional angle. 

“[We used] that story as a jumping-off point,” Ben explains. “All of our characters are fictional. The actual drama, the potential murder, death…that’s all made up in our show, and my character didn’t exist.”

“I listened to the podcasts just to see what it was,” Perry adds. “And I did watch the ABC documentary because that’s all that was available [at the time], I found it really interesting.”

“The story has a lot of parallels,” Stephen Curry who plays Noel Pinkus also shared. “You want to tell the story with as much respect as possible – the characters are heightened but we wanted to present them as real people.” 

population 11
(Credit: Stan)

Where is Population 11 filmed in Australia?

The show was filmed in the Kimberly region, an isolated area of Western Australia where the cast spent up to three months filming. 

“We became like our own little city and there was like a hotel where all the cast and crew stayed,” Ben shares. “It was almost like being in camp or on a cruise that didn’t go anywhere.”

While the town they filmed in was not as small as the town portrayed on screens, Ben admitted it still felt “remote.”

“I mean, I live in Los Angeles, California and before that, I lived in New York, so this is definitely the most remote I’ve ever lived and to do it for three months…it was a lot.”

“It really helps when you are like thousands of kilometres away, you really feel like you are immersed into the energy of the place and it makes your job easier as an actor,” adds Perry. “But the isolation could sometimes get to you every now and then…you do go a little loopy out there but not in a terrible way.”

population 11
(Credit: Stan)

Where can I watch Population 11?

Population 11 premiered on March 14, 2024. Watch the season on Stan

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