A Bachelor insider claims Helena walks out of the mansion this week

"She ended up having a meltdown at home visits."
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It looks like Helena Sauzier is about to pull a Brooke Blurton on us and walk out of The Bachelor!

Despite professing her love for Matt Agnew after their disastrous single date last week, an on-set spy claims Helena tried to quit the show during hometown visits after realising the astrophysicist “wasn’t going to pick her in the end”. 

“She felt, judging by the way Matt was treating her, he wasn’t going to pick her in the end – he kept getting simple things about her wrong and she ended up having a meltdown at home visits,” a source told New Idea.

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“She told producers she was staying in Perth because she didn’t see any point in coming back to Sydney to finish filming and she gave Matt a letter explaining her decision. But in the end producers and Matt begged her to stay.”

While this news may come as a shock to some, in new exclusive snaps obtained by who.com.au from the Bachelorette’s hometown visits, Helena and Matt aren’t happy about being in each other’s company. In the tense photos, the couple is seen having an argument before a distraught Helena sobs in Matt’s arms.

While we’re not sure what words were exchanged, it appears as though their tiff left a sour taste in the 32-year-old’s mouth as he was pictured storming off, leaving Helena standing alone outside of her family’s home. 


Her potential exit from the series comes less than a week after she broke down during an awkward single date with Matt. Under the pressure of planning out the next 10 years with Matt by her side, Helena began to crumble, revealing it was all too much for her to handle.

“It’s just this question after question and I’m just like, I’m literally drowning and I’m freaking out a little bit,” she said as she walked away from Matt.

“The fact that he wanted to do this entire timeline with me is really quite touching but I also have my guard up a little bit because I haven’t been in love before so plotting out our potential lives together, it’s a bit stressful and I feel a huge amount of pressure.”

Viewers watched on in horror as the astrophysicist explained to a confused Helena what their date would entail… and, as expected, fans of the dating series slammed the hunky Bachelor for being so awkward about it. 

“This is creepy as sh*t. Hello we barely know each other but please commit to a 10-yr relationship timeline,” wrote one bemused fan.

“While I’m still dating 7 other girls let’s try and see where we’ll be in 10 years time,” another sarcastically quipped.


While the whole encounter was really weird, Matt managed to put on that cute smile we all know and love and move onto the next part of the date with Helena. And it was EPIC because he literally gave her the moon.

I do really like Helena but I’m worried that this date might have scared her away so I’m hoping this next part of the date puts her mind at ease and hopefully it has her seeing stars,” he admitted. “Helena teared up and I wasn’t expecting that but I can’t imagine a better reaction to show how much it means to her and I love everything about this moment.”

And it worked. Matt’s out-of-this-world (sorry!) gesture gave her the courage to open up and spill on how she really feels about him. 

“I started thinking about the girls and the mansion and your other connections. So I think for me to open my heart, there’s always a fear of heartbreak or fear of being that person that’s feeling one way and it’s not being reciprocated. Also because, like, I have never had my heart broken.”

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