Get to know ‘The Single Wives’ star Emma Wynne

The social worker opens up about her past.
Photographed for WHO by Kris Washusen

Growing up part of a religious community, it was the done thing to marry young. But though she tried to make it work, The Single Wives’ Emma realised she needed to move on.

WHO: Why get married so young?

EMMA: In the Christian church, it’s very common. You meet a nice guy and don’t sleep together before you’re married. You don’t live together or holiday together, so you sort of rush down the aisle. I was engaged at 19, married at 20. I always thought I’d be a young bride because that’s what you do.

WHO Has it put you off marriage?

EMMA: I’d love to get married [again but] I would go about it so differently. Marriage is a beautiful thing and I think it’s even more special when you have done all the good and bad of life and still want to make that public, legal commitment to each other.

WHO: Why do the show?

EMMA: It’s funny. I was on the couch writing a speech for my dad’s wedding and thought, “Isn’t this weird. Here am I, 27, single, divorced and dad’s getting married.” It seemed all in reverse. I had the TV on and the casting call came and I thought, “Well that sounds all right.” I had tried different things, been on dating apps, had friends recommend friends. Nothing was working so I thought, “Why not give it a go?”

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