Dating expert reveals how to get more Tinder matches

New year, more dates.
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Heading into the new year single? Before you decide to delete your apps for good, we have some game-changing advice that’ll get you more matches than a Redheads box. To amp up your chances even more, free up your schedule Sunday January 8! As the busiest day of the year on the apps, Dating Sunday will see a major increase in user activity.

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The lull after the busy Christmas and New Year’s period tends to bring in a large surge of activity due to an increase in people’s availability. With Valentine’s Day a mere six weeks away, many are flocking to the apps in the hopes of finding a new boo.

Speaking with local dating expert Samantha Jayne, we share with you the top 10 tips to securing matches on Tinder this Dating Sunday.

Samantha’s Tinder tips. (Credit: Tinder)

1. Create an engaging bio

While photos are an important aspect of the online dating profile, an engaging bio should also be prioritised. Jayne says to create a bio that “reveals enough about you to paint a picture, but also creates an element of intrigue and mystery.”

Don’t take it too seriously! A light-hearted and approachable profile creates a sense of ease when it comes to striking up conversation.

2. Choose your first picture carefully.

Say NO to fish photos! Your first picture creates an impression- so make sure to represent yourself well. Choose a high quality, well-lit image that portrays yourself realistically.

3. Verify your profile.

Photo-verifying your account increase your chances of receiving a Tinder match. Connect with other verified users to ensure a greater sense of safety.

Swipe with intent! (Credit: Getty)

4. Focus on your goals.

Rather than swiping without intention, Jayne says to get clear on your dating goals and intentions.

“Focus on profiles of people that match some of your hobbies and interests and keep an eye out for red, beige and green flags,” she said.

5. Keep your profile positive.

Instead of focusing on things you don’t want, keep your profile positive and your negotiables and non-negotiables to yourself.

6. Ask engaging questions.

Avoid generic small talk and, instead, focus on common ground. Jayne says to talk about things you’re passionate about, while making sure you avoid the topic of work or anything stressful off the bat.

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7. Get out of the chat!

While introductory chat is essential, know when to get into date scheduling,

“Build an emotional connection with messages and then get out and meet each other when you’re feeling comfortable to do so. If you talk too long, it can result in ghosting,” Jayne said.

8. Understand people’s differences.

While, obviously, everyone is different, understanding the different types of people can help guide conversation.

Whether they’re the dominant and focused type or reserved and intellectual, by understanding one’s personality, “you will know where to talk about the big picture or detail whether they love variety and adventure or certainty,” Jayne said.

Tinder’s newest feature, dating intentions. (Credit: Tinder)

9. Be safe.

Before scheduling a date, make sure you get to know them over a period of time before jumping straight in. Share your location and date details with friends and make sure to meet in a public place.

As a top Tinder tip, never reveal any personal information such as work or home address or regular routine, such as your favourite hang outs.

10. Report inappropriate behaviour.

Fairly self-explanatory but use the ellipses icon and select ‘Report’ if you see someone exhibiting inappropriate behaviour.

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