Georgia Love forced to cancel her wedding once again

And the former Bachelorette has hit back at her haters.
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Georgia Love and Lee Elliott were set to tie the knot in Tasmania after COVID-19 dashed their original plans for an Italian destination wedding.

But even those backup plans have now been thwarted, due to domestic border restrictions.

The former Bachelorette took to Twitter to voice her disappointment over her cancelled plans, but was slammed by some for complaining about her predicament.

Yet Georgia responded to her critics by sharing some telling facts about how she’s really been feeling.

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On Tuesday, 31-year-old Georgia took to Twitter to reveal that due to state border closures, her and Lee’s wedding has once again been put on hold.

“So like HOW FUNNY IS IT when you cancel your Italy wedding and book it for Tasmania instead hahahahahahahaha and then the Premier shuts the borders til at least December HAHAHAHAHA OMG SO FUNNY I’M TOTALLY FINE!!!!!” she exclaimed on social media.

Whilst Georgia received some kind and encouraging words, not everyone was sympathetic to the TV journalist.

“I can’t visit my ailing grandmother in WA because they won’t grant me an exemption until she is close to death or dies and then I can only enter for a two week quarantine and her funeral, after which I have to get out immediately. Keep whining about your Italian holiday, love,” one person replied.

“Almost like you should have just postponed it till after the global pandemic or something,” penned another.

Georgia Love
Georgia’s wedding plans have been affected once again by the coronavirus pandemic. (Credit: Instagram)

Georgia, who is currently living in stage four lockdown in her hometown of Melbourne, wrote a four-part response to her critics on Twitter.

“Hey Twitter, you really suck sometimes. I work in the news. I literally rang in 2020 watching people’s homes burn down. I have brought you stories of people who’ve found out their elderly loved ones have died of Covid-19 days after the fact because of our news investigations,” she began.

“Stories of people who already had nothing, packing their life’s belongings into a Coles bag to be moved to a different facility to try to stay safe. Stories of people who’ve lost numerous family members and not been able to attend one funeral.”

The TV journalist added: “I’ve had to be the one in charge of talks with an aged facility about my own grandmother because her daughter – my mother – died & I am still grieving this deeply. I may no longer have a job in my career profession that I have put my life’s work into & where my passion lies.

“I have been unable to see my loved ones nor do the things that bring my joy for the majority of this year. So you know what? I’m allowed to comment on the fact it’s a bit s***ty my wedding has been affected too. This does not take away from anyone else’s pain or suffering.”

Georgia Love
The former Bachelorette works as a TV journalist for Network 10 in Melbourne. (Credit: Instagram)

During an interview with Who earlier this year, Georgia, who met her fiancé on The Bachelorette in 2016, explained that it had always been the couple’s dream to wed overseas.

“Travelling has always been such a huge thing to both us. It’s a huge part of our relationship and it brings us so much joy, and it’s what we spend all our money on,” she said.

“We work to be able to travel, and we’ve been to a few destination weddings and they’ve been wonderful. You’re on holidays with your favourite people. It’s all we’d ever spoken about doing, which in hindsight is very silly. That’s what hurts the most, we’ve never actually talked about doing anything else.”

Georgia and Lee
Georgia and Lee met whilst filming The Bachelorette and are the only Bachelorette Australia couple still together. (Credit: Network 10)

The coronavirus pandemic has affected Georgia and Lee’s wedding planning from the get-go, with bride-to-be Georgia adding that she had started dress shopping when the initial restrictions came into place.

“I was actually in a bridal boutique when my sister read out on her phone that Scott Morrison was holding a press conference announcing that all restaurants were shutting down.

“I thought,’Oh s–t.’ And also, ‘Um, can you concentrate on me in the beautiful white dress?’” she joked.

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