Abbie Chatfield hits back at body shamers

The former Bachelor contestant and It’s A Lot podcaster reveals how to live your best liberated life.
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Former Bachelor contestant and It’s A Lot podcaster Abbie Chatfield explains to Who why now is the time that women need to learn to speak out.

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WHO: Do you think women are still under pressure to be perfect in 2020?

Absolutely! Women are feeling the pressure to be perfect in nearly every aspect of their lives. As a voice for Libra, I want to encourage women to Live Liberated from pressures created and enforced by our society.

How has body shaming affected you as someone in the public eye?

I’m body shamed at every size, and unfortunately it’s become my normal. The main issue I have with these comments is not how they may impact my self-esteem, but how they appear to other women.

Abbie admits she is regularly body shamed on social media (Credit: Instagram)

If there is a comment on my cellulite, or the size of my thighs, any person who sees themselves reflected in that image will in turn be hurt and shamed.

What are some of the best responses you’ve had to your It’s A Lot podcast?

The responses I get from the podcast are wonderful, they range from emails about abortion, mental health and STIs to emails of thanks for a new blow job skill.

No topic is off-limits for Abbie’s popular podcast It’s a Lot where she discusses mental health and sexual health issues. (Credit: Instagram)

The responses I receive have shown me that so many people lack a space to speak freely about taboo topics, and I’m lucky to be able to provide that space.

What is your advice for women dealing with social expectations?

Educate yourself, do the research on whatever you feel shamed about. I guarantee you will find a community with like-minded people who are able to speak freely about the same topic you feel anxious about.

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(Credit: Who)

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