All the best Beauty And The Geek makeovers in 2022

See the before and after photos that will leave you speechless.
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There’s nothing Beauty And The Geek fans love more than a good makeover, and boy is the show delivering in 2022.

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The makeovers have long been the most popular episodes of the series, with thousands of fans tuning in to see the awkward geeks transformed into more confidenct versions of themselves with a haircut and slick new wardrobe.

Some emerge feeling better than they have in years, while others step out to screams and applause as it turns out they were hiding model good looks under bushy beards.

In 2022, we were promised that the makeovers would be even better and from the get-go it was clear we were in for some stunning transformations.

Relive all the best makeovers from this year’s Beauty And The Geek below.

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Well hello handsome! Mike wowed everyone – including his beauty Heidi – when he emerged from his makeover looking fresh-faced and confident.

In a new, more classic wardrobe and fresh haircut, there was no denying the geek looked pretty charming.

And he finally let go of the huge beard he’d been hiding behind for years, marking a major step in his self-confidence journey.

“I remember just right before coming out of that elevator… I was almost in tears. It was just a combination of happy, nervous and just so many emotions running through my head,” he told WHO exclusively.

“[Hedi] seemed to love it. I’ve never seen anyone call me hot before, so that was very cool.”

(Credit: Nine)


What a transformation! Gone is the Pokémon shirt and shaggy hair, in place of a fresh wardrobe and stylish trim.

Christopher finally looks his age (that’s right, this geek is 30) after his TV makeover and it really does suit him.

“It’s bizarre to receive so much praise and support in such a short time but it feels really good to finally step out and see such a positive reaction from these amazing, beautiful people that I’m sharing this experience with,” he said of his makeover on Instagram.

“Trying to stay humble but damn I’m loving this, can’t wait to get out there and show it off! Couldn’t have done any of this without the most amazing beauty ever @bri.auty, you’ve been an incredible partner throughout the challenges but more importantly you’ve always believed in me and given me the confidence to embrace this change and tackle the future head on.”



With a trim and a new wardrobe, Michael was looking more handsome and confident than ever.

In fact, he looked so good that when he stepped out of the elevator Tara couldn’t hold back and ran over to plant a huge kiss on his lips. Too cute!

Never seen her move so fast in my life,” he joked of the moment, though he was blown away by his own reflection too when he finally saw the results of his makeover.



No one would’ve expected there was a Hollywood handsome man hiding under that thick beard and hair, but Jason emerged from his makeover looking like a straight up model.

With effortless stubble and a fresh fade – as well as some clothes that fit properly – he had everyone’s hearts aflutter with his new look.

“Thank you to everyone who made this happen, and to everybody that gave me little compliments as I walked around the makeover area avoiding any reflective surfaces. Top priority for the moment is to not let this go to my head,” he said on Instagram afterwards.



The Harry Potter mega-fan finally ditched the wizard robes for something a little more suave and doesn’t he look divine!

Speaking about the big change on Instagram, Anthony wrote: “For many people, the makeover is an external change but for me it was very much of an internal change. The makeover was more about changing the way I look at myself and my perception on how others see me.

“Even though I’m not necessarily hot and attractive by societies standards, I believe it’s more about what’s on the inside that counts because as we know beauty does fade over time but if you have a beautiful heart and soul, then that’s what really matters here.

“When I look in the mirror now, I see someone who is worth people’s time and at the end of the day that’s really what matters.”



This geek has been the darling of the competition and he was finally feeling confident after his makeover.

With a new wardrobe, glasses and a slick haircut, Aaron said he was “speechless and shocked” after seeing how cool he looked in the mirror.

“In the past, I had wanted to change but didn’t know what to do and found it too overwhelming,” he confessed on Instagram.

“I’ve never got this much of a positive response before and it meant the world especially to get it from these beautiful people that have been on this ride with us. A moment which I’ll remember for a long time.”

(Credit: Nine)


Returning for the finale, Jayden showed off his new look – which included a crew cut and a real good shave!

He was also sporting a new, more minimal wardobre and a healthy dose of fake tan, though he didn’t seem too keen on the upkeep.

(Credit: Nine)


Where was that handsome face hiding? Alex was sporting a new clean-shaven look when he arrived for the finale.

He’d also swapped the glasses out for contacts and invested in a new, more mature wardrobe.

(Credit: Nine)


Goodbye curls! Nate debuted a much shorter cut at the finale, showing off his smile without all that extra hair.

He was also sporting a very bronze-looking fake tan… maybe it was Daniella’s idea?

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