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It turns out Katie Williams, 27, isn’t the only Big Brother housemate this season we’ve seen before on our TV screens.

WATCH: Big Brother‘s Daniel Hayes crosses the Queensland border during Melbourne’s lockdown in 2020.

Last July, Daniel Hayes, 48, was caught doing the biggest crime of 2020 next to not wearing a face mask crossing the Queensland border from Melbourne during the state-wide lockdown. 

Big Brother
Footage has emerged of Big Brother’s Daniel Hayes in a juicy A Current Affair feature. (Credit: YouTube/Channel Nine.)

“We all feel Victorians’ pain right now and we all pay a price for breaching lockdowns and border closures; unless you’re a cocky Victorian real estate agent who decided to travel to Queensland for new motorbike tyres and managed to talk a negligent cop into letting him cross the border,” A Current Affair presenter Tracy Grimshaw said introducing the program. 

As the five-minute long segment explains, when Daniel approached the border, he convinced the police to let him in on “compassionate grounds” because he needed new tyres, despite the fact he was coming from Geelong, Melbourne. Even more bizarrely, the real-estate-mogul-turned-YouTube-vlogger, who goes by the name, Million Dollar Bogan, was so proud of breaking the law that he even filmed it all on YouTube. 

Big Brother
Daniel recorded himself crossing the Queensland border during Victoria’s statewide lockdown. (Credit: YouTube/Channel Nine.)

Not gonna lie, this really makes us wonder just how strategic he actually is on Big Brother when he’s literally filmed himself doing a crime?

Earlier this week, Daniel urged fans to trust him when he said he was the “hero” of this new season and not its “villain.” “I’m not there for Instagram fame or to make friends,” he told the Herald Sun. “I’m there to play the game, have a bit of fun and evict as many people as I can,”

But, his fellow housemates think otherwise. 

Big Brother
Daniel gives housemate Tilly a lecture on why she needs to fight to stay in the competition. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Last night’s evicted contestant, Chris Wayne, told our sister site Now To Love, “I believe he is being watered down. And I’ll be very surprised if any other housemate doesn’t back that statement up.”

“Living with him was so much more intense than what you see on TV. It was fundamentally unpleasant.”

In an interview with PopSugar, Flex Mami, 26, has described him as “hyper-masculine, misogynistic and a bit sexist,” after he “grilled” her about her “employment history and couldn’t understand that I had a brain and also work in the entertainment industry.”

Max Beattie, the 29-year-old Queensland Ironman who was eliminated by Daniel, told New Idea: “I didn’t get voted out because I was hated, I got voted out because one guy was scared, that’s all”.

“I just don’t want Daniel to win.”

Big Brother returns tonight on Channel Seven at 7:30PM.

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