Celebrity Apprentice’s David and Janine Survivor bond

The two had a love-hate alliance back on another reality show.
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They may be on opposite ends of the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom table but Lord Sugar’s adviser Janine Allis already had a connection to contestant David Genat that started back when they battled it out on Australian Survivor.

WATCH BELOW: Janine Allis on being voted out off Survivor

The Boost Juice CEO and the international met whilst filming Australian Survivor for the 2019 Champions vs Contenders season.

Whilst the season was eventually won by actress Pia Miranda, Janine and David became breakout stars and were respectively nicknamed The Godmother and The Golden God thanks to their sneaky strategic play.

“We backstabbed each other. A lot,” business mogul Janine revealed on her Instagram Stories.

Janine and David had a love-hate alliance on Survivor. (Credit: Ten/Instagram)

Not long after David was eliminated on the show in an epic blindside partly orchestrated by Janine, the juice entrepreneur’s luck also ran out, but David shared a tribute to his rival on Instagram.

“The Perfumed Scorpion has stung her last victim. What an honour to play the game with this social & strategic mastermind. Pour some juice out for @janine_allis,” he joked in his caption.

A year later, David famously won the All Stars season but when he signed up for Celebrity Apprentice, he was shocked to see his old Survivor co-star. 

“Janine came in and I was like ‘F*** Janine is actually in the show’, and it never crossed my mind that she would be there advising,” he admitted to Mediaweek.

“It was actually really funny, and we have a good dynamic, personally she is just the best. She is such a lovely person.”

It never crossed David’s mind that Janine could be one of Lord Sugar’s advisers. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite having a good relationship, David admitted to TV WEEK that he tried to throw Janine under the bus on Celebrity Apprenticeeven though she couldn’t be fired.

“Janine sold me down the river on Survivor: Champions vs Contenders in 2018 so I wasn’t super stoked to hear she was advising the big boss!” he told the publication.

“I have a penchant for revenge so knowing I couldn’t get her fired kind of rubbed me the wrong way! That didn’t stop me from trying to get her sacked, but Lord Sugar really seemed to like her and wanted to keep her on board.”

Will there be revenge in the boardroom? (Credit: Nine/Instagram)

Survivor star David has already made one enemy due to his behaviour on the show – co-star Michelle Bridges’ five-year-old son Axel!

“He’s like ‘Mummy I don’t think I like that David guy! He’s mean to you Mummy!’” Michelle told WHO.

“We filmed last year and since the show’s been on-air, Axel’s had a conversation with David and they’ve come full circle, they’re now friends. David goes to me ‘Your boy is so cute, he’s got your back Mish’. I said ‘You bet he has babe!’”

The Biggest Loser trainer added of David: “He’s definitely playing that guy. I love him but he’s playing and he’s very strategic.”

“Everyone’s like ‘Didn’t you watch Survivor? He’s very strategic!’”

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