Spotted: Georgina from the original Gossip Girl returns for the reboot

We have a first look at season two.
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Hello Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here with news to make your Friday: After months of waiting, another season of Gossip Girl has officially been confirmed, with one very iconic star to return.

The official trailer for the new season was released today, revealing a very first look at Manhattan’s elite rich teenagers as they enter their second semester of Junior year, with Gossip Girl right behind them. Watch it in the video player above.

Although, what fans will be most excited to hear about, and see, is the return of the iconic Georgina Sparks from the original season, as she reprises her role for the reboot.

Here, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about Gossip Girl season 2, including where and when you can watch it when it releases this year.

gossip girl season 2
Manhattan’s elite rich teenagers return for Gossip Girl season 2. (Credit: HBO) (Credit: HBO)

What will Gossip Girl season 2 be about?

Season 2 is expected to pick up where season 1 left off, with Julien still dealing with the aftermath of her father’s Me Too Movement, while she begins a new partnership with Gossip Girl.

Meanwhile, Zoya is trying to distance herself from the Constance It girls, Audrey, Max, and Aki are navigating their polyamorous relationship, and Monet and Luna are plotting a takeover.

As per the synopsis, Gossip Girl will leave no stone unturned in “her effort to control the scandalous lives/spin the scandalous lies of Manhattan’s elite,” this time with knowledge of exactly what her audience wants.

“It’s time for her to turn the heat up on what’s been simmering (Julien, have you met Monet?) as well as look at her own impact, and how she can make it more catastrophic than it was before. Even if that means lying to do it.”

“Old enemies, new allies, constantly shifting sands – this semester, there can only be one queen, and by the end of the school year, everyone will know where the bodies are buried, and just who was holding the shovel.”

gossip girl season 2
Michelle Trachtenberg reprises her role as Georgina Sparks. (Credit: HBO) (Credit: HBO)

Who will star in Gossip Girl season two?

Season 2 will see the return of Julien (Jordan Alexander), Zoya (Whitney Peak), Obie (Eli Brown), Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind), Max (Thomas Doherty), Aki (Evan Mock), Monet (Savannah Lee Smith) and Luna (Zion Moreno).

Tavi Gevinson also returns as Kate, Grace Duah as Shan, and guest star Michelle Trachtenberg who reprises her role as Georgina from the original series.

Where and when to watch Gossip Girl?

The anticipated second season of Gossip Girl will arrive by the end of this year on December 1 on BINGE.

Ahead of the season 2 premiere, you can catch up on both the first season and the original Gossip Girl series with every episode available to stream now on BINGE.

Stream it now on BINGE, live and on demand with a 14 day free trial. Start your free trial here.


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