Has the winner of The Bachelorette been leaked?

SPOILER alert!
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The Bachelorette Australia is only in its second week on air, however, an insider has already come out and revealed that Stu Laundy may be the man who takes home the winning rose, and Sophie Monk for that matter.

According to The Sun Herald, an insider claimed Stu Laundy, 44, is the man who 37-year-old Monk decides to couple-up with.

“If they do get together they will be really good,” the insider revealed. “They’re both really good, funny people.”

“[The Laundys] are quite devout Catholics but pretty down to earth people. They made their money from some pretty rough pubs so nothing would shock them and she does like a drink,” the source added.

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If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen much of the mature contestant yet, it’s because he comes onto the show as an intruder. 

As previously reported, The Daily Telegraph,  claims the contestant is the son of legendary pub owner Arthur and heir to approximately $500 million family fortune.

The newspaper also stated that Laundy us a father of four young daughters- whom he shares with his ex-wife er, Rachel.

While this is still speculation, we’ll eagerly be watching to see if Stu is the man who makes Sophie’s heart flutter.

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