Major clues indicate Kylie Jenner is ENGAGED to Travis Scott

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a number of clues that point to the reality star tying the knot this year.
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When it comes to CSI-level detective work, you can always count on social media users to scour the internet for clues – and that’s exactly what fans of Kylie Jenner have done when it comes to sussing out whether she’s engaged to long time on-and-off partner, rapper Travis Scott.

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Kylie and Travis have been together since 2017 and share four-year-old daughter Stormi Webster and a 5-month-old son, whose name has yet to be revealed.

And while the pair have taken a lax approach to their relationship, some eagle-eyed fans from the Keeping Up With The Kardashians subreddit believe they have stumbled upon a number of clues that seem to suggest wedding bells in the near future – including what seems to be a (very expensive) wedding registry for the couple!

Kylie has been posting about her relationship more often that normal. (Credit: Instagram)

Along with this major clue, makeup mogul Kylie has also upped the ante of late when it comes to posting loved-up pics of her with Travis – something she’s shied away from in the past – all of which seem to suggest that the couple are in a better place than ever.

So, can we expect an engagement announcement soon?

We investigate all the clues that point to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are already planning to tie the knot below!

CLUE #1: The Wedding Gift Registry

Reddit user toiletscum recently shared a link to a wedding registry that definitely seems like it could belong to the second-youngest member of the Kar-Jenner clan.

Originally labelled ‘Mother Goose and Cactus Jack’, the user commented, “Could this actually be Travis and Kylie’s wedding registry? Shows a December 2022 wedding.”

Now, if you follow Kylie in any capacity, you might be aware that ‘Mother Goose’ is Stormi’s nickname for her mum, while Cactus Jack is the name of Travis’ clothing line. Since the registry was outed, the name was mysteriously changed to a series of question marks. Coincidence? We don’t think so!

To add to this, the gifts in the registry also include a number of butterfly and cactus-themed objects – both symbols that the couple have frequently used throughout their respective projects.

Plus, the outrageous expense of some of the items (such as a $20,000 vase, a $195 trash can, and a $15,000 chess set) points to it belonging to someone who has some expensive and extravagant taste (with wealthy friends to match).

One Reddit user managed to screenshot this major clue before the name was changed. (Credit: Reddit)

CLUE #2: The Instagram Posts

Kylie hasn’t been shy about posting romantic snaps of her on-and-off boyfriend lately, with one image in particular raising eyebrows for being hugely tone deaf.

In case you missed it, on July 15, Kylie and Travis received major backlash for a photo showing them kissing on an airport tarmac next to two luxury private jets alongside the caption, “you wanna take mine or yours ?” 

Considering Kylie purchased her Bombardier Global 7500 rumoured $72.8million and Travis reportedly nabbed his Embraer E-series jet for a cool $72million, the blatant flaunting of their wealth in a time when people are struggling to afford the cost of living left a bitter taste in many fans’ mouths – and they weren’t afraid to call her out of it.

Fans were not impressed with Kylie’s recent post. (Credit: Instagram)

“Kylie Jenner out here picking which colour private jet she wanna take today meanwhile I gotta chug my iced coffee before my straw becomes paper mache???? explain,” one Twitter user wrote

Another replied, “She’s taking literal 3 min flights and I’m personally responsible for the well-being of all sea turtles.” 

Nevertheless, the constant PDA-packed pics are another reason why we think Kylie could be heading down the aisle sooner rather than later!

CLUE #3: The Met Gala Dress

After Kylie wore a divisive white wedding gown and baseball cap to the 2022 Met Gala, the rumour mill went into overdrive that The Kardashians star had been hinting at an engagement.

And while it was later revealed that Kylie wore the all-white ensemble as a tribute to late Off-White founder, Virgil Abloh, who died in November 2021.

Was Kylie hinting at wedding bells in the near future with her Met outfit? (Credit: Getty)

That didn’t stop the whispers, however, as Kylie soon jetted off to Turks and Caicos Islands for a honeymoon-worthy holiday with her rapper boyfriend while showcasing the romantic vacation on her Instagram.

“Love like sunset,” she captioned the slew of photos of her and Travis embracing on a beach, with one fan commenting underneath, “I’m hearing wedding bells soon!”

CLUE #4: The Ring

Fans previously suspected Travis had gotten down on one knee after Kylie showed off massive matching sparklers featuring contrasting pear and square-cut diamonds that he had gifted Kylie and Stormi in November last year.

Posting to Instagram in a now-deleted post, Kylie captioned the image, “daddy got us matching rings.”

What’s that on your ring finger, Kylie? (Credit: Instagram)

And while she wasn’t wearing the expensive jewellery on that finger, fans couldn’t help but notice another ring that had been carefully hidden by Kylie’s sweatshirt in the snap.

“Ring on your wedding finger? Are you engaged?” one user asked.

Another added: “But she is hiding the one on her ring finger?” while a third claimed, “Look closer, she tried hiding the engagement ring.”

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