Laura Byrne reveals Matty J didn’t technically propose

"I don’t even know 100 per cent if we’re engaged."
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Reality TV fans’ hearts burst with happiness when Matty J and Laura Byrne announced their engagement in 2019, but it turns out the former Bachelor star didn’t actually ever pop the question, per se.

WATCH BELOW: The Bachelor’s Matty J proposes to Laura Byrne

Speaking on her podcast Life Uncut with co-host Brittany Hockley, Laura revealed that her husband-to-be never said those four magic words.

“Matt, to this day, has never actually proposed to me, I don’t even know 100 per cent if we’re engaged,” the season five Bachelor winner remarked.

“Matt has never asked me to marry him, he never said ‘Will you marry me?’”

“Matt has never asked me to marry him, he never said ‘Will you marry me?’” (Credit: Instagram)

Laura then recounted how the proposal (if we can call it that) took place in Fiji in April 2019, not long before they welcomed eldest child Marlie Mae.

“I was eight months pregnant – I was so pregnant. I was past the point where you’re supposed to fly in pregnancy, but I was like ‘I am goddamn having a babymoon!’ so we went to Fiji,” the jewellery designer said.

“I was like ‘Let’s go and have a photo of the sunset out the front of the villa’ which was literally just out the front of where we were staying and Matt was like ‘No let’s walk up the beach, there’s a really cute spot up the beach’. The beach was exactly the same no matter where you were, it was just flat.”

There were many tears, cuddles and sweet words but Matt never actually said ‘Will you marry me?’ (Credit: Instagram)

After walking past the many people on the beach, Laura explained that her suspicions arose when Matty started to set up a go pro.

“And then he just starts crying, like crying crying and I went from thinking maybe he’s going to propose to me to telling me he had a terminal illness, like what is happening?” she said.

“So he gets down on one knee, but he doesn’t really get down on one knee, he’s still crying. His knee literally touches the sand and he gets straight back up and then that was it. He didn’t say anything!

“Then he pulled a ring out and said some really nice things about how much he loves me blah blah blah and it was all very cute, but he never actually said ‘Will you marry me’ and maybe that’s why we’re still not married two and a half years later.”

The Bachelor season five couple are planning to get married in November. (Credit: Instagram)

The couple, who are now proud parents to Marlie two, and Lola, six months, are set to tie the knot in November but Laura has revealed before that the wedding itself isn’t something that’s really important to her.

“To be honest I have a very strong feeling that our wedding’s going to be postponed because of COVID which is really annoying,” she mused.

“Even if it does get delayed I know there’s so many other people out there who’ve done the same thing and then they’ve still had a wonderful wedding at the end of it anyway.”

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