Domenica shuts down reports she “glassed” Olivia on MAFS

"I’m pretty sure I can use my words over that kind of thing."
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You could see it coming from a mile away. Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco have been at odds from the beginning of Married At First Sight Australia, with the tension finally boiling over this past week.

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In a teaser for the recent “explosive” and “bigger than ever” episodes – the narrator likes to say that every week, but sometimes they’re right – Olivia told producers she does have a “bitchy” side.

As the couples headed off on a retreat together, Jackson Lonie told the cameras he was “worried” about his bride having a war of words with Domenica. And it turns out he was right to be concerned, because we saw the pair going head-to-head at the dinner table with more drama playing out in the following episodes.

The fight was a follow up to their spat at the Commitment Ceremony, where Olivia told Domenica to butt out of Carolina Santos and Dion Giannarelli’s marriage woes.

“You just have to pick on somebody,” Olivia said, before Dom hit back: “I can’t sit there and watch a person be that horrendous.”

olivia and fomenica
Olivia and Domenica face-off at the Commitment Ceremony. (Credit: Nine Network)

While Domenica and Carolina had a tense discussion as the girls enjoyed drinks, there wasn’t exactly any major yelling or fighting. It was incredibly awkward, but they appeared to just agree to… kind of… hate each other?

But then Olivia said this: “Jackson and I had a thought, if you two went at it it would be like a great white shark and a crocodile. So, I think that’s playing out right now I’m really excited.”

Maybe it was editing, maybe not, but the awkward silence that followed was quite literally the calm before the storm. 

In the dramatic scenes that followed, Olivia told Domenica that she needs to choose her words carefully and stop swearing. Meanwhile, Dom asked the others “is she serious?” As both women continued to bicker, Olivia yelled at Dom that she was sick of hearing her voice and hearing her yell.

Viewers saw Domenica slam her wine glass down on the table as glass shattered. But the bride is setting the record straight on claims she tried to “glass” Olivia.

“When it comes to those rumours, I’m going to lay down the line right now: I have never and I would never glass someone,” she tells Yahoo 7. “That is just a complete fabrication, a lie, and it’s ridiculous. I’m going to just categorically say that that is completely and utterly false.”

The bride also told the publication it was the most hurtful thing she’d seen written about her so far.

“I would never and have never, and it’s just ridiculous. I’m pretty sure I can use my words over that kind of thing.”

For the record, glassing is when someone physically attacks another person using a glass or bottle as a weapon. There is a difference between glassing and breaking a glass. Though, as fans saw, Olivia was hell-bent on telling the other contestants Domenica smashed the glass at her and was “waving” the glass in her face.

Domenica says it’s not what it looks like. (Credit: Nine Network)

While the glassing itself is “ridiculous” according to 28-year-old Dom, there’s certainly no love lost between these two in the months that have passed since.

In an interview with our sister site Now To Love, Dom said: “don’t even get me started on Olivia!”

“I don’t think anyone was expecting it but I think, you know, it’s safe to say there’s more to come in seeing a different side of people, not only of her but of everyone else,” she says.

“As we get more invested in the experiment ourselves in our own couples I think peoples more catty sides and true colours shine through. There are definitely behaviours that people aren’t going to be proud of when they watch it back.

“There is a bit of bullying and a bit of cattiness and nastiness that goes on, but you’ll get that anywhere.”

Meanwhile, Olivia has her own choice words for Dom.

Olivia and Domenica face-off this week on MAFS. (Credit: Nine Network)

“I really wanted to stay out of the drama, but nobody was calling Domenica out,” Olivia, 27, tells our sister site TV WEEK.

“Other people had enough drama in their relationships that they didn’t want to get involved with her, but I couldn’t stomach it anymore.”

She also slams the edit Domenica has received, as fans praise the outspoken star for defending the likes of Daniel Holmes and Holly Greenstein.

“I think it’s absolutely disgusting that she’s getting a hero edit when she’s been revolting to her husband and other cast members,” Olivia says. “In all the major issues, Domenica is the common denominator.”

YIKES. And the drama doesn’t stop there, according to MAFS expert John Aiken.

“It hasn’t stopped there. It’s really only just begun and it’s only going to get worse as the experiment goes on,” he told The Today Show.

John says the feud between Olivia and Domenica is going to get worse. (Credit: Nine Network)

“You’ve got to buckle up. If you’re gonna watch the rest of this experiment, you’ve got to prepare yourself for some real explosive moments and curveballs,” John revealed.

“Really now, you’re either Team Dom or Team Olivia. There’s no ability to sit in the middle and that becomes more and more extreme.”

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network and 9Now.

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