MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Sex, lies and break ups revealed!

The show erupts into its wildest week ever.
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From surprise splits to massive bombshells, Married At First Sight is getting more dramatic with every episode. In exclusive interviews, WHO speaks to some of the key players.

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Bryce’s secret girlfriend is exposed

‘Brett betrayed me’

From the very start, Married at First Sight viewers tipped Booka Nile and Brett Helling, both 31, to be one of this year’s success stories. But after an explosive showdown at this week’s dinner party, the once-happy pair are now on the rocks – and the ring is off!

Here, Nile tells WHO where their relationship stands now – and if they can come back from their big dinner party break-up …

Did Brett blindside you by telling Patrick you were self-involved?

Absolutely, I was so hurt. Brett totally betrayed me. You expect your partner to have your back. If I’ve got a problem, I try and confront it with somebody and work it out with them. But apparently there was this huge list of things that was wrong with me that he never raised with me.

You ended things with Brett at the dinner party. Why have you decided to try again?

I don’t like having bad feelings towards people and I want to understand where they’re coming from, so we just decided to draw a line in the sand and to try to move forward and be better.

What do you like and dislike about Brett?

I like his tickly whiskers. I don’t like that he’s a poor communicator.

Has your eye wandered in the experiment?

I appreciate good-looking people so I was definitely like, “Let’s join forces with Chris [Jensen] and Jaimie [Gardner] because she’s so hot and he’s so hot!”

Can you see a future with Brett?

I’d say we have a future worth fighting for. But after reading that [feedback] letter, I don’t want to be with someone I don’t trust. I want someone who talks nicely about me behind my back and is proud to be with me.

Will you feel like the experiment was a waste of time if you don’t end up together?

Absolutely not, because you learn so much about yourself in the experiment. And I feel so happy and secure in the friendships I’ve made.

“Brett totally betrayed me.” (Credit: Nine)

‘Are we friends with benefits?’

When it comes to chemistry, Alana Lister, 30, and Jason Engler, 35, come out on top in Married at First Sight’s class of 2021. But a recent blip in the bedroom has threatened to derail their passionate relationship.

Here, Lister tells WHO how they’re spicing things up again – and whether sex can keep them together …

You and Jason were hot and heavy from the start but things have cooled recently. What changed?

I think the pressure of the experiment started getting to us. On our honeymoon we were in our own little world, it was just free-flowing and easy but by halfway through, the experiment became a pressure cooker. Jason and I aren’t very good at expressing our emotions and it got to a point where we weren’t sure how to navigate it anymore.

And that started to impact your sex life?

Jason was feeling like he had lost the spark a little bit. Sex became something we were leaning on to support our relationship and when that was tailing off, we were like, “Well, what else do we have here between us?” The majority of our relationship is the physical connection.

How did you reignite the spark?

I cooked him dinner in some lingerie. It worked really well. Jason loves having dinner cooked for him – it makes him feel really loved. And adding the sexy side with the lingerie really helped the bedroom sparks reignite.

Do you see a long-term future with Jason?

I feel like we have long-term potential. The sex is great but we need to work on communicating and supporting one another, too.

Alana reckons she and Jason have long-term potential. (Credit: Nine)

At war with Bryce!

After dropping the bombshell that she believes groom Bryce Ruthven, 31, has a secret girlfriend on the outside and that he’s been flirting with her in the gym (accusations he’s denied), bride Beck Zemek, 27, is set to clash further with the controversial groom this week.

“Things get very heated. She can’t leave it alone,” a spokesperson from the show tells WHO. “Beck will continue to push all of Bryce’s buttons and he doesn’t like it one little bit. He loses it.”

Zemek’s frustrations with Melissa Rawson’s devotion to her husband continues to frustrate her, too.

“Beck will continue to push all of Bryce’s buttons and he doesn’t like it one little bit. He loses it.” (Credit: Nine)

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