Stars reveal inside goss on Beauty And The Geek romances

"Wow, so this is how they're gonna edit it then?"
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After becoming the first couple eliminated from Beauty And The Geek 2022, everyone wants Nate Campbell and Daniella Caceres’ inside goss on the show’s romances.

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But it turns out even they were surprised by how hard the show has gone on love this season.

“When I watched the first episode and the trailers, I was like, ‘wow, so this is how they’re gonna edit it then?’,” Nate reveals to WHO.

“I think they do have a special connection from what like we did see,” Daniella says.

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Nate adds: “Michael and Tara, especially. I saw them meet up and was electric in real life like it was on TV. It was crazy.”

Sparks flew between Tara and Michael and their co-stars say it’s legit. (Credit: Nine)

With such a huge focus on romance this season, its got some fans wondering if producers are encouraging beauties and geeks to fake it – but Nate and Daniella say no way.

“I did go into it with an open heart and I thought, ‘if there was someone for me, I definitely will put in my all’. But there was definitely no pressure,” Daniella says.

Though there was never a romantic spark between them, the pair were a lot closer than they appeared on TV screens.

In fact, some of their best moments got left on the cutting room floor.

Daniella and Nate say many of their best moments never made it to air. (Credit: Nine)

“You just don’t see everything that happens on camera is the thing… They left out a heavy chunk of  stuff,” Nate says.

“A lot of it for me was the way I helped out, the connections that we made – especially with Nate,” Daniella reveals.

“We connected in the first mixer, he was the first Geek that I spoke to… there was a reason as to why we got put together and it’s because of the connection we had.”

So what else do fans miss out on seeing? Lots of clapping, according to Nate.

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“How many times do you think we had to clap? I think like three times minimum,” he reveals, adding that they had to clap on cue so the camera crew could get multiple shots.

“Every time you see someone clap that had to be done at least three times.”

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And that’s not all; Daniella confessed that for every big reveal, they had to react over and over again to get the perfect shot for TV.

“Our reactions are real, but just to get the good shot we did have to do it a couple of times,” she laughs.

Apparently there was a LOT of extra clapping. (Credit: Nine)

As a result challenges took hours upon hours to film, and that’s on top of early morning call times and the hours it took the beauties to do their hair and makeup.

It’s safe to say there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes that we don’t see on BATG, but is it all real?

“It’s surprising how real it is. It’s definitely not scripted… what you see on camera is definitely what we experience,” says Daniella.

WHO also pressed Nate on the rumours that some of the geeks are ‘fakes’ or grew their hair and beards to look more dishevelled on the show.

Fans are convinced some geeks – like Michael here – are not quite as awkward as they make out on TV. (Credit: Instagram/Nine)

“Well you can’t grow out that much hair in the three months between when I auditioned and when I got on the show,” he jokes.

As for being the first couple eliminated, Daniella doesn’t hold back about how “unfair” the challenge was.

“I think it was unfair. I just feel like we didn’t have enough time to actually work on our connection and get to know each other better… it was a little bit disappointing,” she says.

Though she and Nate remained friends after filming, they both wish they could have spent more time getting to know each other and themselves on the show.

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