The Nine Perfect Strangers twist we didn’t see coming

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Amazon Prime’s Nine Perfect Strangers is deviating from the source material in the best way possible.

A new plot point has been revealed in a clip given exclusively to WHO featuring Nicole Kidman’s character, Masha, and Regina Hall’s Carmel. Spoiler alert is now in effect!

WATCH BELOW: Nine Perfect Strangers Exclusive Clip | I Know Why You Came Here

It appears that the characters are linked, as in episode six it’s revealed that Masha had an affair with Carmel’s husband.

Carmel, who has come to the health retreat, Tranquillum House, under the guise of healing following her husband leaving her for younger woman, has actually come to meet Masha, and put her finger on why her husband cheated.

However, she doesn’t seem to be very angry with Masha, stopping to ask her if “she’s in trouble” once the gossip is revealed.

Masha has some things to share in tomorrow’s episode. (Credit: Amazon Prime)

The scene shows fabulous acting, with Nicole Kidman nailing Masha’s creepy vibes and Russian accent, and Regina Hall acting the confused, worried Carmel.

Masha also takes a moment to confirm whether Carmel is the one sending her ‘nasty threats’.

“I came here to know you, to see what he saw, to know the what and the why,” Carmel explains.

Regina Hall’s Carmel with Luke Evans’ character, Lars. (Credit: Amazon Prime)

Nine Perfect Strangers, which filmed in Byron Bay last year, is based on the popular novel by Aussie author Liane Moriarty.

It focuses on the guests who visit Tranquillum House in order to confront their personal demons with the help of Nicole’s Masha.

While the show has seen some changes from the source material, such as a switch to an American setting with American characters, this particular morsel of information did not take place in the novel – meaning the show might be taking us in a new direction.

The clip will appear in episode six, which drops tomorrow on Amazon Prime.

Episode six, Motherlode, has been touted as a big one within the series, with reviews noting that this is where the series really heads off the rails into something different and exciting.

Things are getting weirder at Tranquilum House. (Credit: Amazon Prime)

Regina Hall has shed some light on the episode.

“I think she came [to Tranquillum] for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, you’re either placing blame or taking responsibility,” she told AV Club.

“And I think, with a lot of the things that Carmel has done, she has blamed Masha for the demise of her would-be life,” she explained.

More developments? You’ll have to see on Friday! (Credit: Amazon Prime)

She also hinted at a good ending for Carmel, although that is yet to be defined.

“What is always wonderful about this story is that, no matter what the intention that everyone goes [into it] with, something beautiful is still able to come out of it,” she said.

You can catch the new episode of Nine Perfect Strangers when it drops on Amazon Prime on Friday September 10.

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