Olivia Frazer reveals shock Instagram ban

It comes just months after she was banned from TikTok...
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Married At First Sight star Olivia Frazer has revealed that Instagram has blocked her account from posting Lives. 

Watch Below: Olivia Frazer addresses fans after split with Jackson

The recently-single reality TV star shared a screenshot of the warning on her story, which read: “Blocked from Sharing Live Video.”

“Posts from your account have recently been removed for going against our Community Guidelines, so live video sharing has been temporarily blocked.” 

Olivia added a sarcastic “cute” to the screenshot before sharing it with her 185K followers. 

At this stage, it is unclear what prompted the Instagram ban, however, the MAFS star has been known to use the live video function to promote her OnlyFans, share personal updates on her recent breakup and answer fan questions.

Olivia Frazer
(Credit: Instagram)

Olivia and Jackson Lonie have documented much of their relationship and break-up on Instagram, with Olivia using Instagram live to share updates with her fans. 

During a live Instagram story the week she and Jackson split up she confirmed that she wasn’t planning on deleting her x-rated OnlyFans videos with Jackson, explaining that she was “kind of living on OnlyFans” to make money at the moment. 

When asked if her relationship was rocky during the last months, she shared, “well yeah he did make out with some chick in a seedy club in Melbourne, that wasn’t a great time but we moved on from that.” 

Olivia Frazer
(Credit: Instagram)

In a separate Instagram live she shared with fans that whilst she was broken-hearted, she’s “okay.” 

“I’m okay. I think people are really worried about me but I think when things are the right decision, and I think because I’m setting myself up to be okay, everything is going to be fine.”

“I have so many feelings at the moment. I’m crying at everything. I had a good friend tell me they got a new boyfriend today and I was just sitting there sobbing and saying ‘I’m so happy for you.’”

She also denied rumours that Jackson broke up with her, suggesting instead that the decision was mutual.

The MAFS stars announced they’d gone their separate ways in a joint Instagram post, where they said no one was to “blame.”

Olivia Frazer
(Credit: Nine)

Olivia’s Instagram ban comes just months after she revealed that she was banned from TikTok. 

In July she shared an Instagram story confirming that her “TikTok got deleted,” before adding that it’s “probably for the best.”

“I’m just going to leave it deleted. People there [TikTok] are meaner than they are here [Instagram],” she explained. 

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