MAFS’ Olivia Frazer faces surprising backlash over pansexuality

Fans have accused Olivia of “coming out for clout”.
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Four days after revealing she identifies as pansexual, Olivia Frazer has revealed she was taken aback by fans’ reactions to her announcement.

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Olivia spoke candidly about her sexuality on June 2 during an Instagram Q&A, telling her followers: “I’ve never spoken about this publicly, but I identify as pansexual.

“So, it’s not about looks, gender, anything. It’s just a person’s soul. So yes, that might be a bit of a shock to people as I don’t really talk about it.”

But on Tuesday, the 28-year-old admitted she “didn’t even realise” she was “coming out”.

“I thought it was like, not a big deal, which it shouldn’t be.” (Credit: Instagram)

“I thought it was like, not a big deal, which it shouldn’t be. I don’t like all the labels and crap, you should just be free to chill however you want,” she said in an Instagram Live.

Olivia said she sees pansexuality as “a gift” because it gives people “the ability to love anyone”. 

“So, I haven’t dated women before. I’ve had crushes and things like that, and there have been girls and non-binary people that I’ve been like: ‘Oh!’,” she continued.

“I go for the connection, not the gender, not the look. I have the ability to love anybody, but it just so happens that most of my connections – and I’ve not had that many relationships – have been with men.”

Despite many scandals, Olivia remains in a relationship with Jackson Lonie, whom she met on MAFS. (Credit: Nine Network)

“But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t had strong feelings for women and things like that. I don’t need to explain myself.”

Since opening up about her sexuality, the OnlyFans creator has been hit with trolling comments that she “only came out for more clout”.

“Do you say that to everybody in the LGBTQI+ community?” the MAFS star hit back.

Olivia is still in a committed relationship with her co-star Jackson Lonie, despite his recent cheating scandal.

In late May, footage of Jackson kissing a 20-year-old woman named Hannah Hughes out in a bar in Melbourne went viral.

After a week of drama and claims the incident was a publicity stunt, Jackson and Olivia put rumours of a breakup to bed in a video where Jackson took full responsibility for his “f—ed” actions.

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“I f—ed up. A bit of background, all the negativity we’ve been getting from the show, the way I’ve been dealing with it is to get blackout drunk which don’t get me wrong isn’t an excuse,” Jackson said.

“It’s not acceptable, it’s not the person I wanna be, it’s not who I am. I am seeking help to figure out how to combat my emotions and how to deal with this negativity.

“It has been s— but I’ve been very happy to have Liv by my side. She’s been nothing but an angel throughout it all.”

Olivia, sitting by Jackson’s side, then added: “we’re hanging in there. We’re staying together. We’ve got a lot of healing to do but ultimately we love each other and it’s not worth throwing away.”

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