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Has the Dessert Masters 2023 Winner Leaked?

Who will take home the sweet victory?
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Dessert Masters is officially underway for 2023, with the MasterChef spin-off promising an array of delectable desserts and culinary chaos. 

Guided through the kitchen by fan-favourite judge Melissa Leong and social media sensation and master chocolatier Amaury Guichon, the 10 Dessert Masters contestants are ready to whip their way to sweet victory, with some fans believing they have already uncovered the winner of the inaugural season. 

WATCH: MasterChef Dessert Masters Promo. Article continues after video. 

For those closely following all the action, fan forums and betting sights, such as Sportsbet, can provide some helpful insight into which contestant will take home the $100,000 Dessert Masters prize. 

Who will take home the win? (Credit: Ten)

Who will win Dessert Masters 2023? 

With the competition now officially underway, fans are convinced that they have uncovered who will take home the Dessert Masters crown. 

Speaking to WHO ahead of the grand finale, semi-finalist Kirsten Tibballs revealed who she believes will take home the win. 

“I think because Reynold has put the work in and he’s done the time, nothing would make me happier than for Reynold to win,” she shared. 

“I’d be happy regardless if any of them win, but I think Reynold or Jess, who have actually been in the [MasterChef] kitchen [should win]. Having just done a really short series, I can only imagine the dedication and work that goes into a full MasterChef series, so kudos to those two.”

Reynold is currently the fan-favourite to take home the Dessert Masters crown. (Credit: Ten)

Following his series-long track record of amazing flavour and sophisticated presentation, it appears that many agree with Kirsten’s pick for Dessert Masters winner, with MasterChef Australia alumni and Koi Dessert Bar founder Reynold Poernomo is the top contender to take home the $100,000 grand prize with odds currently sitting at $1.72. 

Close behind Reynold is pastry chef Gareth Whitton, whose meticulous presentation has fans currently placing him in second place with odds of $2.00. 

Trailing behind Dessert Masters’ two front-runners is MasterChef Australia contestant Jess Liemantara, whose culinary creations have her currently sitting on odds of $8.50.

Despite being fan favourites, Adriano and Kirsten were eliminated prior to the grand finale. (Credit: Ten)

Following a shock quarter-final double elimination, fans were surprised to see social media star and pastry chef Anna Polyviou eliminated from the competition, with Anna previously sitting as the third-favourite to win with odds of $5.00. 

Sadly for chocolate expert Kirsten Tibballs, her time in the Dessert Masters kitchen was also cut short following the collapse of her chocolate sculpture during her semi-final plating, with Kirsten previously tipped as the fourth-place favourite with odds of $6.00. 

While the judges may have been consistently impressed with her bold flavours, Kay-Lene Tan’s snow-inspired semi-final dessert sadly fell short of the judges’ expectations. Prior to her elimination, fans did not place pastry chef Kay-Lene’s chances of victory as high as her competitors, with odds of $11.00. 

Known by fans across Australia for his show-stopping cake creations, fans believed that Andrew Bowden was the contestant least likely to take home the Dessert Masters win, with his odds previously sitting at $15.00. Sadly for Andrew, fans predictions came true as he was eliminated during the quarter-final.  

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