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Locky breaks his silence on shock Irena split rumours!

The Bachelor has finally set the record straight...
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Locky Gilbert has set the record straight on rumours he and his chosen winner Irena Srbinovska have already split, while making a shock move against The Bachelor franchise on social media.

WATCH: Locky and Irena’s video message confirms they’re still together

Ever since The Bachelor finale aired last week, Irena and Locky have faced intense speculation that their romance is already over.

But the 30-year-old adventure tour guide cleared those rumours up himself today, while responding to a concerned fan who assumed the pair had broken up.

After Locky posted a photo of himself promoting a local accommodation business in his home base of Perth, one fan commented, “Somethings not right! Can’t tag Irena 😱😱 I hope you 2 are okay? 🤔.”

Others speculated that the couple were no longer following each other on social media, which is not the case.

Locky replied to the concerned commenter: “We are better than ever.”

Image: Instagram
Locky (left) and Irena (right) enjoying a coffee date together after The Bachelor finale. (Image: Instagram)

The comment comes as eagle-eyed fans noticed Locky has removed any reference to his time on the hit Channel 10 reality show from his official Instagram bio.

While he had previously referred to himself as the 2020 Bachelor, he now only states he is an “Adventurer” from Perth and includes links to his travel business. 

Locky’s time on the show certainly wasn’t without controversy, with the former Survivor star failing to draw in the huge ratings previously enjoyed by other Bachelor alumni. 

He also faced criticism from viewers for declaring his love for both Irena and his runner-up Bella Varelis during the show’s shocking finale.

Image: Channel 10
Irena and Locky have confirmed they are still together. (Image: Channel 10)

But despite the criticism, Locky and Irena are still happily dating even months after filming wrapped, as they revealed in a candid new video shared by Ten following the end of the series.

“We just want to say a big thank you to everyone for watching, it’s been a crazy year but we’re definitely happy,” Locky said in the clip.

“So excited for the future, I can’t wait for us to start living our life together finally,” Irena added.

“It’s been such a long process and now we finally get to be together and finally get to start our life together.”

Locky continued: “It’s been so long and we’ve had all these plans and it’s been delayed and delayed and delayed but now we finally get to tell everyone that we’re in love and get on with our normal life.”

Image: Instagram
Irena and Locky pictured during their post-finale hiking date. (Image: Instagram)

In the video, Locky and Irena also revealed the first activity they would do together, now that they don’t have to hide away from the public.

“First thing that we’re going to do – just be with each other in the outdoors, just normal, go for a hike, go for a camp, just anywhere out in nature because I think that’s where we’re both happy,” Locky said.

“Little road trip, phones switched off,” a grinning Irena chimed in.

The couple then signed off the clip with a sweet kiss.

Since then, they have each been posting loved-up snaps on social media.

And yes, they did end up going on that hiking date after all.

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