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MAFS 2021: Bride Booka Nile is ready to ready to rock Australia

This bride is unlike anyone else in MAFS history.
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Looking at Married AT First Sight’s Booka Nile, 31, it may be a surprise she is still single, but the blonde bombshell is a singer in the heavy metal band Make Them Suffer, and touring is not exactly the best way to find everlasting love.

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The West coast rocker is more than just a singer and keyboardist; she is also a mental health worker.

The singer is the black sheep of her family as she comes from a clan of academics, but instead of following in their footprints she dropped out of school.

However, now that Booka is doing important work helping mental health sufferers re-enter society at a psychiatric hospital, her parents must be proud that she went on to do well for the community.

Booka says life is “lonely” on the road. (Credit: Instagram)

When it comes to love, life on the road in an international heavy metal band is a challenge, and Booka told 9Now that it is “lonely” on the road.

The bride has been single since 2016, and now she is looking for a husband who allows her to be her own person, and it is imperative to her that she doesn’t lose herself as she has in the past.

With such a colourful life and inevitably wild stories, her future husband bound to be curious about her crazy life.

On Instagram, Booka has lots of videos and posts of her rocking out, rollerblading, and looking sultry but still edgy.

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In a post about her band’s new single, Conscience Clear, fans can see a behind-the-scenes compilation of her bands sexy aesthetic, but the humorous caption that pokes fun at the band’s antics shows Booka is more than her looks.

“We’re releasing our new single Conscience Clear tomorrow. Here is the bridge section accompanied by some no reason, hyper sexualised footage of us trying to dance.”

“Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.”

The mental health worker knows how to have fun and not take herself seriously, which will inevitably do her well when MAFS gets heated.

There is nothing like a witty comment to disarm a raging co-star.

The bride hints she is “picky.” (Credit: Instagram)

Booka has been having a hot girl summer in the lead up to MAFS, and her 21.7k followers are already in love with the rocker.

Her comments section are filled with posts like “you’re stunning,” and another commented, “You remind me of a modern-day Bridgitte Bardot.”

On an Instagram post in December that shows Booka sucking on a lolly with the caption, “Picky,” another MAFS bride Beck Zemek makes a subtle appearance.

The business manager Beck, who was labelled high maintenance by husband Jake Edwards, commented, “Pick me,” on Booka’s post.

The rocker replied, “I pick you every day of the week, month, year, century 4Eva till I die over.”

Heavy metal antics. (Credit: Instagram)

It is always great to see the girls on MAFS show love for each other.

However, it infamously hasn’t taken long for the MAFS girls to dramatically fall out either on or off the screen.

But hopefully, these two can keep the “sisterhood”, as the experts say, a positive space.

Booka will be one to have your eye on as she brings her colourful personality into the new MAFS season.

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