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Foxy Jojo’s Married At First Sight confession!

"MAFS has taught me one thing..."
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Jo McPharlin, aka Foxy Jojo, is one of Married At First Sight’s most popular contestants.

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The season five bride’s infectious laugh and down-to-earth attitude earned her thousands of fans, despite the fact that she didn’t find lasting love on the reality TV program.

The 42-year-old single mother was paired with pub manager Sean Donnelly on the show, but they failed to form a connection, with Jo leaving the experiment early and ending things with Sean.

It’s been three years since that day when Jo first walked down the aisle to meet Sean for the very first time during their “wedding”.

And now the mother-of-two has reflected upon that moment in a new Instagram post to her 43,000 followers.

“Well well, how fast 3 yrs has past Happy Wedding anniversary to me! 😂👰🏼💍,” she jokingly wrote, alongside a photo montage of image from her time on MAFS.

“What a fantastic experience even tho the groom would think differently lol. I wouldn’t have change it for the world as I have totally made life long friendships out of the show.”

She ended her post with a meaningful message, reflecting on the positive life lessons she learnt from the program, that she hopes she can pass onto other people.

MAFS has taught me one thing: Never try to convince somebody of your worth. If a person doesn’t appreciate you they do not deserve you,” she wrote.

“Love yourself and always listen to your gut instinct, because it’s always right.”

Image: Channel Nine
Sean and Jo were paired together on MAFS season 5. (Image: Channel Nine)
Image: Instagram
Jojo pictured today. (Image: Instagram)

Since her time on MAFS, Jo has undergone an incredible weight loss transformation.

She frequently shows off her amazing slimmed-down figure on Instagram, crediting her new frame to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, including a diet of whole foods and regular exercise.

“I used to absolutely HATE my arms. I would wear anything I could to cover them over even cardigans or jackets on a 43° day, but I learnt last year in fact that no one actually cared what they looked like but me,” she recently wrote on Instagram, reflecting on her weight loss.

“No one ever criticised them or made a comment on how big they were but me. I was my own worst enemy.”

Image: Channel Nine
Jojo on her MAFS wedding day. (Image: Channel Nine)
Image: Instagram
The star following her incredible weight loss transformation. (Image: Instagram)

She added: “So for all the DMs asking me it’s not about any weight loss at all it’s about feeling beautiful in your own skin, owning what you have whether you are size 6 or size 36 have lumpy bits and bumpy bits, have one boob bigger than the other, have a baby bump, saggy bum cheeks, thighs that rub together i want you all to start the new year shouting to the world 👉🏻I am good enough love me as I am or sod off.”

Wise words to live by!

Image: Instagram
We love you Jojo! (Image: Instagram)

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