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Meghan Trainor in tears over brother’s connection with Australian Idol contestant

Meghan's brother comforted the contestant after an emotional audition.
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Content Warning: This article makes reference to drug and alcohol abuse. 

One of the best products to emerge from Australian Idol thus far has to be Meghan Trainor‘s effervescent personality. Lighting up our screens with a self-proclaimed “bestie” judging style, she delivers an even balance of positivity and critique. It was in tonight’s episode, however, that her usual smile was replaced with tears.

‘Why?’, you may ask. During a contestant’s heartfelt audition, his story seemed to hit a little too close to home for Trainor.

WATCH: Meghan Trainor speaks about her brother’s sobriety. Article continues after video.

The road to Australian Idol was not easy for 20-year-old auditionee Ethan Moon. Entering rehab for drug addiction two years prior, he has since made a complete 180. Now working as a restaurant manager in Brisbane, his parents say he discovered his voice during his time spent in recovery.

After introducing himself to the judges, Meghan Trainor immediately connected with his story.

“My older brother is here, he’s recently sober… It’s a tough, tough thing so you’re very strong,” she said.

Meghan’s brother, Ryan, shares a similar story. (Credit: Instagram)

After listening to his rendition of Dean Lewis’ Half a Man, the judges were taken aback by Moon’s emotional performance.

“I could see through your singing, that’s how you were getting through it,” Meghan shared.

Meghan’s brother, Ryan Trainor, shares a similar story with the contestant. After struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, the 30-year-old has since become sober. 

Present during the filming process itself, Ryan came out to greet Moon with a hug.

Ryan Trainor hugged the Australian Idol contestant. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Witnessing their compassionate embrace, Meghan was brought to tears over her brother’s newfound connection. After his successful audition – which received three Yes’ from Kyle, Amy and Meghan – Moon has secured his place in the Top 50.

WATCH: Meghan Trainor brought to tears over brother’s connection with Australian Idol contestant. Article continues after video.

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Ryan, who maintains a close relationship with his younger sister, has shared more of his story on their joint podcast, Workin’ On It with Meghan Trainor and Ryan Trainor.

If this short interaction is anything to go by, the two are very much a tight duo.

If you or someone you know is struggling, help is available at:

Lifeline Australia: 13 11 14

Family Drug Support: 1300 368 186

Stimulant Treatment Line: Sydney metropolitan: (02) 9361 8088 / Regional and rural NSW: 1800 10 11 88

SANE Australia: 1800 18 7263

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