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Fans slam Ten’s “weird” and “awkward” new Bachelorette format

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The Bachelorette fans are in for a very different sort of reality show this year, with sisters Elly and Becky Miles starring as Australia’s first double Bachelorettes in 2020.

And now Channel 10 has given fans a sneak peek at what this never-before-seen season will actually look like, dropping a brand new teaser trailer on social media on Monday night.

WATCH: The first Bachelorette teaser trailer has dropped

“G’day, my name’s Elly. You might know me from Matt’s [Agnew’s] season of The Bachelor,” Elly says in the trailer, as she introduces herself. 

“I am this year’s Bachelorette I’m back and I’m ready to find love, but this year, things are going to be a little different. I’ve decided to bring my sister Becky along for the ride.

“These boys have no bloody idea what’s coming for them!”

Then Becky appears and says, “I’m Becky and I’m also the Bachelorette.”

The trailer then shows how the various male contestants react to meeting not one, but two women, during the premiere episode.

“What is going here?” one contestant asks, while another exclaims, “There’s two of you! Why are there two?!”

Image: Channel 10
The blonde lookalike sisters introduced themselves to Australia in the new teaser trailer. (Image: Channel 10)

Fans of the show are divided over the new format, with hundreds taking to the official Bachelorette Instagram page to voice their thoughts – and they did not hold back!

“Very unsure about this,” one fan commented, while another said, “Hmmmm I’m not really feeling it at all.”

Others expressed confusion about exactly how the new format will work.

“So they’re sharing the boys? This is going to be saahhhhh confusing!” one person wrote.

“But what if they like the same guy?” another exclaimed.

Many others voiced similar concerns, with one fan commenting, “I still don’t get how this will work … what if they want the same bloke, or if the blokes only like one and not the other.”


Others simply labelled the new format as “weird” and “awkward”.

But there were some fans who expressed their excitement over the upcoming season.

“So flipping excited for this,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “Can’t wait for this!”

Image: Channel 10
Elly and Becky Miles are Australia’s first double Bachelorettes. (Image: Channel 10)

Elly finally broke her silence on social media over her appearance on the show, after remaining quiet over the past few weeks since the news was first announced.

“Crikey, this is actually happening!” she wrote on Instagram following the release of the trailer.

“So bloody lucky to have my best friend right there along with me,” she added, referring to Becky.

The Bachelorette will premiere on Channel Ten in late September, following the end of The Bachelor.

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