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The Block Auctions 2023: Live Results

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This year’s season of The Block has had it all. Drama, renovations, and… more drama. 

Although it’s been a messy time on Charming Street, all five couples have reached the finish line and built five stunning homes. 

Watch Below: Steph And Gian’s Real Estate Video The Block 2023

But, the season wasn’t over yet with the teams – and fans – anxiously waiting for Auction Day to see who would take out the winning spot. 

And Auction Day didn’t disappoint, with some teams walking away with over a million dollars in profit whilst others passed in. 

Sydney couple Steph and Gian were ultimately the winners of the season, taking home a record-breaking $1.75 million.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Block’s Auction Results. 

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The Block 2023
Auction Day is here (Credit: Nine)

What are the Price Guides for The Block 2023? 

The price guides for The Block are a big deal and have the power to wreak havoc on the team’s take-home winnings. 

This year Steph and Gian have the lowest price guide between $2.2 million to $2.4 million. 

Eliza and Liberty on the other hand have the highest price guide at $2.7 and $2.85 million. 

The three remaining properties are all priced at $2.5 to $2.75 million.

the block winners auction day results
Steph and Gian won! (Credit: Nine)

What are the reserve prices for The Block 2023?

The reserve prices play an integral role in Auction Day, determining how much profit each team will take home. 

Just days out from the auction day itself, Eliza and Liberty have let slip details on their reserve prices, which they found out on Thursday night.

“There’s just no chance in hell we’re winning because it’s [their reserve] unrealistically high,” Eliza told KIIS 101.1’s Jase & Lauren.

“In comparison to the other [contestants] … They should all be really happy.”

House Four – Steph & Gian 

  • $3.350 million reserve

House Five – Eliza & Liberty 

  • $3.250 million reserve

House One – Kyle & Leslie 

  • $2.97 million reserve

House Three – Kristy & Brett 

  • $2.97 million reserve

House One – Leah & Ash

  • $2.97 million reserve
the block winner 2023 steph gian
(Credit: Nine)

Who won The Block Auctions? 

The Block Auction day saw mixed results, but it was Steph and Gian who took out the win. 

House Four – Steph & Gian 

  • Sold for $5 million
  • Won a profit of $1.65 million  

House Five – Eliza & Liberty 

  • Sold for $4.3 million
  • Won a profit of $1.05 million  

House One – Kyle & Leslie 

  • Sold for $3.1 million
  • Won a profit of $130,000

House Three – Kristy & Brett 

  • Sold for $3.035 million
  • Won a profit of $65,000

House One – Leah & Ash

  • Passed in. 

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