Hold up… is Rob Mills engaged?

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Actor, singer, star of the stage and former Aussie Idol contestant, Rob Mills, might soon be able to add ‘husband’ to his ever-growing list of titles. 

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On Monday, the 38-year-old took to Instagram – and his piano – to play an ode to the news that Melbourne would be relaxing their lockdown laws.

“I haven’t seen this film before, wasn’t sure they’d be an ending,” he began the tune, which is a cover of Taylor Swift’s hit track ‘Exile.’

He captioned the post:“@taylorswift really did help us get through this lockdown.”

While many fans were taken by Rob’s clever turn of phrase, some couldn’t help but notice a very prominent piece of jewellery glittering on his right hand.

“Nice Paws Millsy 😂👍,” one follower wrote.

Rob, who played Fin Kelly on Neighbours from 2017 to 2018, is currently dating ABC presenter Georgie Tunny.

The pair frequently share loved-up shots on social media and recently moved in together.

“2 years on… still latching on. Please don’t stop looking at me like that. #barnacle #favourite,” Rob commented on a post back in August.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Rob shared that he slid into the 29-year-old’s DMs after seeing her on air.

“I flicked on the television to ABC News Breakfast and went, ”Who is that?!” She was beautiful and articulate. I needed to know her,” he told the publication.

“I sent her a direct message on Instagram, which opened with, ‘I promise I’m not crazy.’”

He also credits knowing each other’s love language as the key to their relationship success.

“I read somewhere once that if both people think that they’re batting above their average, the relationship is in a good place,” he told NTL.

“I think she’s just a sensational human being. She’s funny, a lot smarter than me, she inspires me with her work ethic and who she is as a human.

“I think we worked because we talk and we talk a lot about what works, what doesn’t work for us, the monthly reviews [laughs].”

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