EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Monk is releasing new music SOON

It's been 17 years in the making.
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We’re excited enough about the revival of Beauty And The Geek before you even factor in that it also brings the return of Sophie Monk to our screens.

The former Bachelorette is sure to brighten our viewing with her brash sense of humour and bogan colloquialisms.

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Thankfully we’re in luck because Beauty And The Geek isn’t the star’s only new project.

Chatting exclusively to WHO, the ex-Bardot singer reveals she’s about to release new music, some of the first in 17 years.

“I’ve written a song and we actually did the music video two weeks ago,” Sophie reveals.

Sophie’s fiancé Josh pushed her to start making music again. (Credit: Instagram)

After a lengthy hiatus from music, Sophie dazzled and surprised fans last year when she was revealed to be The Dragonfly on The Masked Singer.  

“I’ve missed it [singing] a lot, there’s elements of the music industry I didn’t miss but I’m doing this on my own, independently so it’s been really fun.”

Despite her wowing viewers last year and still having legions of fans, the 41-year-old confesses she’s anxious about the response.

“I’m so nervous, I’m so paranoid of what people think of me as is that’s why I don’t read any comments online, I’m too sensitive.”

Masked Singer
Sophie wowed on The Masked Singer. (Credit: Ten)

As we await the new song, we’ll be settling into the new season of Beauty And The Geek which Sophie promises will be the kind of wholesome viewing we long for.

“The first episodes you’re kind of laughing and by the third you’re in tears, you’ve got goosebumps and your heart is melting,” she teases.

There’s plenty of heart-melting on screen too with the host revealing there may be some potential romances between the beauties and the geeks.

“There’s no pressure for that because it’s about bringing out the best in them but, yes, there is quite a few, a lot more than I thought.”

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