Where to stream Talk To Me; the horror movie that went absolutely viral

It’s terrifyingly good.
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If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s don’t mess with spirits. Seriously, don’t use ouija boards, don’t visit haunted houses, and definitely don’t ask to be possessed.

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And yet, that is exactly what a group of teens did in Talk To Me, the newest addition to the horror genre conjured up by twin Australian filmmakers Danny and Michael Philippou, also known as RackaRacka.

With an aim to prove exactly why you shouldn’t mess with the spiritual world, the brothers showcase the highs and lows of spirit possession and the psychology of why someone would willingly do such a thing.

“The real-world horror in the film stems from the consequences of reckless behaviour as an outlet, and the supernatural horror stems from the fallout of repressed feelings breaking free,” they said in a statement.

So, considering the spooky season is upon us with Halloween right around the corner, it’s never been a better time to sit down and hit play on this horror. Read on for everything you need to know, including where to watch it.

talk to me
Add it to your Halloween watchlist, stat. (Credit: A24)

Where to watch Talk To Me in Australia

After making its debut in Australia in July 2023, Talk To Me is still currently airing in select cinemas.

However, if you’d prefer to watch it within the comfort of your home for your next horror night, you can rent or buy it now on Prime Video and Apple TV+.

What is the plot of Talk To Me?

As per the official synopsis, the film follows a group of friends who discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand and become hooked on the new thrill.

A thrilling montage then follows – which went viral on TikTok thanks to its addictive soundtrack – showing the group having a world of fun, before one of them goes too far and unleashes terrifying supernatural forces.

Tackling themes of grief, drug use and peer pressure, Talk To Me also offers a touch of Aussie humour to bring this haunting tale to life.

talk to me
“Can not remember the last time I have seen a horror movie this good.” (Credit: A24)

Who is in the cast of Talk To Me?

The directorial debut from Danny and Michael Philippou stars Sophie Wilde (You Don’t Know Me) as Mia, Alexandra Jensen (Joe vs. Carole) as Jade, and Joe Bird (First Day) as Riley.

Joining them are Otis Dhanji (Aquaman) as Daniel, Miranda Otto (The Lord of the Rings) as Sue, Zoe Terakes (Nine Perfect Strangers) as Hayley, and Chris Alosio (Surviving Summer) as Joss.

Is Talk To Me worth the watch?

With a 95 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and rave reviews by fans, it’s safe to say Talk To Me is worth the watch, especially if you’re a fan of the horror genre.

“Can not remember the last time I have seen a horror movie this good. They absolutely blew this one up!!! Brilliant storytelling that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and not just loud jump scares that hurt your ears. 10/10,” said a reviewer.

“It really is a great time for the horror genre. It’s nice to see smart drama/horror films getting the respect and interest they deserve,” added another.

talk to me
Talk To Me was filmed in Australia. (Credit: A24)

A third said: “Came back here to say that this movie is worth watching. We watched this in the cinema. It made me gasp so many times. It doesn’t just rely on the jumpscares. The whole movie gave a foreboding atmosphere that made you scared and tense the whole time.”

Where was Talk To Me filmed?

Considering it is an Aussie film, it will come as no surprise to learn that Talk To Me was extensively shot at various locations in Australia.

While it was shot mostly indoors for the séance sequences, outdoor shots were done through Adelaide, Mawson Lakes, Glenside, and Pooraka.

In an interview with The Guardian, Danny Philippou said: “We went back and shot Talk To Me at my old high school. I was hanging out at that bus station of the bus I used to always catch.”

“The surroundings really inspired it. There was no way that we weren’t going to shoot it in Australia,” he added.

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