The Bachelorette’s Pete Mann tipped to win Becky’s heart

It was sealed with a kiss (behind an Akubra).
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Another year, another season of The Bachelorette. Another year of speculating who will win except this time, we have two love stories to analyse with sisters Elly and Becky Miles looking for love. But one guy is standing head and shoulders above the others for the eldest Miles sister. 

WATCH BELOW: Becky and Pete’s first kiss on The Bachelorette 2020

Yes, we’re convinced that Adelaide-based cafe owner Pete Mann will be the last one standing for Becky.

The 34-year-old owner of Octeine Coffee became a front-runner after that outback themed photo shoot when the couple shared a steamy kiss behind Pete’s Akubra leaving Becky “lost for words.”

He’s also been spotted on a date with Becky climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge so we reckon he’s not going home any time soon.

Becky, 30, has admitted herself that she’s ready to settle down once the show ends and Pete seems like the perfect match who wants the same thing.

Pete has already been married once before to Adelaide Network Ten weather presenter, Kate Freebairn and the couple separated when life took them in “different directions”.

Could Pete make it to the end? (Credit: Network 10)

The Adelaide cafe owner is the bookies’ favourite for Becky and has impressive odds from both Sportsbet and TAB at 1.28 and 1.12, respectively.

What’s more, he has the backing from former Bachelor star Alisha Aitken-Radburn.

“After that photo shoot date and them kissing behind the Akubra, Pete is the winner obviously!” she told Who exclusively.

“I feel like once you’ve been through it and having watched so much, you can really tell when something seems genuine and it’s coming through the screen. There are some times when contestants are kissing and I’m not buying it but her and Pete, they’re in love! I love Becky, I feel like there are more older guys on this season and they seem a bit more serious so I’m liking it.”

Pete also has the backing of the viewers at home and has been flooded with supportive messages on Instagram.

“Can absolutely see you and Becky at the end of this journey together,” one fan mused.

“I hope you win!!” exclaimed another.

“Can absolutely see you and Becky at the end of this journey together.” (Credit: Network 10)

However, some fans suspect that Becky and her chosen guy may not be that rock solid after some very cryptic interview responses.

Whilst her younger sister seems to be head over heels, Becky had a bit more of an awkward answer when hosts Laura Byrne and Brittany Hockley asked if she’d found love on their Life Uncut podcast. 

“I wouldn’t say love! But I’m definitely in a happy place, so… I feel like the road to love is a bit of a journey right? And I just want that time on the outside to just get to know my person, and have fun and just do real life.”

In a chat with WhoBecky didn’t mention her man and instead turned the focus to Elly’s budding romance, remarking that she’s “never seen Elly so smitten.”

Is Becky “in a happy place” with Pete? (Credit: Network 10)

Becky infamously dumped a guy she was casually dating to appear on The Bachelorette with her sister and spilled the details to Kyle and Jackie O ahead of the premiere.

“If I was in a relationship, I definitely wouldn’t have gone on the show,” Becky said. “I was single, but I was seeing someone for a short period of time there.”

The 30-year-old added that she and her fling ended things on “really good terms” and was honest when ending things.

“I said to him, ‘There’s this opportunity that’s come up with Elly for me. It’s a TV thing, a dating thing. Just to be clear with you, this is what I want to do.'”

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