Home And Away’s Jimmy Stewart and Sarah Roberts reveal what they love most about each other

The engaged couple are SO smitten
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There is no doubt about it, Home and Away stars James Stewart and Sarah Roberts have found a romance that truly is beautiful. While shooting with WHO, their chemistry was electric – the two complimented each other with ease, laughed at one another’s jokes and even snuck in a sweet kiss in between. Here’s their take on all things beautiful.

WATCH: James Stewart and Sarah Roberts on what ‘beautiful’ means to them

Who do you think of when you hear the word ‘beautiful?’

James: Obviously, I think of Sarah. And my daughter. And my mum.

Sarah: I think of you as being most handsome, but I would probably think of my mum as being most beautiful.

What’s your most beautiful quality?

Sarah: My open-heartedness and the kindness and compassion I get from my mum.

James: Listening. I’ve grown up with a twin brother so your opinion and your voice is something you fight for, but then you also have to learn how to listen.

ames Jimmy Stewart and Sarah Roberts
(Credit: Photo by Jason Ierace, Styling by Jess Pecoraro and Sophie Whitmore)

What’s your partner’s best feature?

James: Your goodness. You’re just a good human.

Sarah: You stole my answer!

James: You’re so good. I grew up a little suspicious, but I feel like I’m being good because of you.

Sarah: I love how thoughtful he is, especially when it comes to his family and looking after his girls. He’s just always one step ahead of everyone.

When do you feel most beautiful?

Sarah: I probably feel most beautiful when I’ve dressed up and Jimmy will give me like a wink and a smile.

How do you guys keep fit?

James: We don’t mind getting all Anthony Joshua [the British boxer], he says each day you’ve got to give a little to the gym … whether it’s the pavement or the beach. I go surfing whenever I can. And with Scout getting up around 7 or 8 in the morning, she’s going to be running rings around me!

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