EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Minogue’s exciting new project

The singing sensation is welcoming her new chapter.
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Even by her own prolific standards, Kylie Minogue is on a creative roll right now.

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“It’s been a particularly productive year,” Minogue, 52, tells WHO over a Zoom call from her home in London.

Not only has she recently launched her 15th studio album, Disco, which she mostly recorded in a makeshift studio at home during the UK’s first lockdown earlier this year, she’s also launched Kylie Minogue Wines – her very own signature tipple.

“I mean, who doesn’t love French rosé, right?!” she laughs.

It seems Minogue, who first found fame more than 30 years ago as tomboy Charlene on Neighbours before embarking on her phenomenally successful music career, is on a mission to bring the fun back into 2020.

“It’s been a challenging year for everyone,” she admits. “If my work, whatever that might be, can bring a bit of joy and escapism to other people then I’m doing my job.”

“If my work, whatever that might be, can bring a bit of joy and escapism to other people then I’m doing my job.” (Credit: Instagram)

The fact she’s found happiness in her personal life – Minogue has been dating British GQ’s creative director Paul Solomons, 46, since 2018, after being introduced by mutual friends – has, in part, given the singer a solid base to explore new avenues.

“He’s really supportive,” she told WHO’s sister magazine People recently.

That he’s got her back has been especially important for Minogue this year. The star, who grew up in Melbourne’s Camberwell, has been unable to make regular trips home to see her close-knit family since last December.

“My family is in Victoria and I’m so glad there’s better news there now,” she says. “As soon as I can, I’ll be heading home.”

Ever the optimist though, Minogue isn’t letting even a pandemic spoil her mood.

“Despite this year’s difficulties, I’m really excited about everything,” she adds.

“He’s really supportive,” Kylie says of boyfriend, Paul Solomons. (Credit: Getty)

Kylie Minogue and wine – how has this not been a thing before now?

I know, right? I can pinpoint exactly how this came about. I was in Nashville recording my last album Golden. It was the peak of summer and after a day in the studio, I’d sometimes enjoy an alfresco meal with my manager. We’d enjoy a glass or two of incredible rosé and I’d be like, “You know what? This is so good. I’d love to make my own [laughs].”

You must get asked to put your name on a tonne of products. How do you decide what you’ll work on?

I do, but for me authenticity is key. When I got serious about this project earlier in the year, I told the company I partnered with, “If you just want my name on this, it’s see you later.” That would’ve been my nightmare. I’ve been very involved.

“Authenticity is key.” (Credit: Supplied)

Did you ever think you’d be a vintner?

No! When I was younger, I would’ve gone well out of my way to not have any association with alcohol, but now that I’m finally a grown-up, it felt right.

Have you done Zoom drinks with [sister] Dannii [Minogue]?

She sent me a video last weekend when I had my Infinite Disco livestream event. There were a few bottles in the fridge at the start, but I doubt there were many left by the end of the night! Just to make perfectly clear though, my sister didn’t steam her way through all of them.

You must be missing home?

I am. I wish I could snap my fingers and be in Australia. Summer there would be such a tonic right now. As soon as I’m able, I’ll be the first at the [airport departures] gate, knocking on the door to be let on board.

“My family is in Victoria and I’m so glad there’s better news there now.” (Credit: Getty)

How do you feel when introducing your friends and family to your new work?

Letting them try the wine isn’t as nerve-racking as letting them hear a new album for the first time – that’s nerve-racking! I have a history in music and there’s an expectation. I have set a high bar for myself and I’m always trying to go above that. I’m really proud of Disco. We may not be able to hit a festival or a dance floor at the moment, but hopefully it can soundtrack a few kitchen discos!

If someone told you that in 2020 you’d release your 15th album and embark on this new project, too, how would you feel?

If 20-year-old me was presented with a book of my life, there’d be some slow chapters, some really weepy ones and some crazy chapters. But in general though, younger me – who was just finishing Neighbours and starting out in music – would never have believed that 30 years down the line, this is where I’d be. My life has been pretty unbelievable at times.

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(Credit: Who)

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