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EXCLUSIVE: Aesha Scott Returns with a Bang in Below Deck Down Under Season 2:

Expect Sex, Drama, and Unforgettable Moments in the New Season!
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Aesha Scott is one of those people who is always upbeat – and when you’re in her company, it’s impossible not to be swept up in her good vibes. The 29-year-old has quickly emerged as a stand-out star 

of the Below Deck reality TV series, first bobbing up in Below Deck Mediterranean before earning her stripes as Chief Stew on Below Deck Down Under. Earlier this year, she became a fan fave on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, making it through to the top three.

As she gets ready to set sail with Captain Jason Chambers and the crew for the launch of Below Deck Down Under‘s Season 2 (streaming now on hayu), Scott promises the “fun, silly Aesha is back”. Is there any other kind?

So what are we going to see on the new season of Below Deck Down Under? 

The last one, there wasn’t any sex, there wasn’t really any romance. But Season 2 – there’s a lot of sex, there’s a lot of drama, there’s really happy times. It’s a lot of extremes. There’s something that happens that hasn’t happened before in a Below Deck before which is not a good thing, but it’s very shocking. I truly think it’s going to be one of the best seasons of Below Deck ever. I confidently say that. It’s unpredictable. 

How have you settled into your Chief Stew role? Are you loving it?

I was so much better on the second season because on the first season I was so stressed. I would wake up at 3am wet with sweat, not just damp, rivers rolling off my body. I was trying to prove to everyone that I could be Chief Stew but also trying to prove to the network that I was a good Chief Stew. I feel like through that I lost my personality. I remember messaging [boyfriend] Scott two weeks in and saying, “I’m so boring, I’m not being funny, I’m just so serious.” And so the next season, when I came back I thought, “I’ve proven myself, I know I’ve got a good team, and usual me is back.” The fun, silly Aesha is back and I’m really proud of it.

(Credit: Hayu) (Credit: Hayu)

How has your life changed in the past few years?

My life is so cool. I just pinch myself all the time because I am truly living in my dream. Growing up, I just knew that I would end up doing TV in some way, shape or form, but I never knew how it would happen and I didn’t think it would happen to such a large extent. All my dreams are coming true. I’m having so much fun and I’m so busy with all the things that I love doing.

How does that impact on your relationship with Scott? 

I’m so in love with that man. He’s just wonderful. I truly think that it wouldn’t work with anyone other than Scott because he is so supportive of my career. He wants me to do well. And we are both independent people. We really love our time together, but we are also more than happy to do our own thing.  

(Credit: Ten) (Credit: Ten)

If you had to have celebrity guests on your boat, who would you pick? 

Do you know who I really love? Sophie Monk. I’ve never met her, but I  follow her on Instagram and there just seems something about her that seems so fun, so goofy and so herself. And I feel like she is someone that I would love to wait on because I think she would be low-maintenance and fun. And then I’d want a comedian to come on … like maybe like … who’s a good comedian … what’s that guy? Who’s that Australian comedian?

Aren’t you going to get in trouble if you don’t say your jungle buddy Peter Helliar?

[Laughs] Oh, yeah! That was the other one that was on my mind. Yes, let’s go with that! 

(Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Relationships never last on Below Deck, why is that?

On the boat, six weeks genuinely feels like a year. It’s so intense and so much happens, so it feels like it’s been way longer. And so you get this thing called “boat goggles”. When you go back to the real world, you get some sleep and the goggles come off, you’re like, “What the f–k was I thinking? You are not my type!” 

If you had to choose between the jungle or the ocean forever, what would you choose?

Filming Below Deck. In the jungle, there were times when I was so bored I thought I’d actually rather be doing a charter season, so I choose Below Deck.

Below Deck Down Under premieres Tue., Jul. 18, streaming only on Hayu. Stream it now on Hayu, with a 7 day FREE trial. Subscribe here.

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