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Who Has Been Eliminated from Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels?

The tribe has spoken.
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Following the success of last year’s headline-making series, Australian Survivor has returned to Samoa for 2024 in the franchise’s latest instalment, Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels. 

After familiarising themselves with their new surroundings, the 24 contestants quickly began to form their allegiances within their tribe, with many already crafting their game strategy in the hopes of being crowned this year’s Sole Survivor.

WATCH: Liz Parnov wins Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villians. Article continues after video. 

Sadly for the contestants, not everyone has been able to execute the perfect Survivor blindside and instead have fallen victim to the ruthless strategic gameplay that fans eagerly await each season. 

As tensions within the tribal council continue to rise, scroll down to find out who has been eliminated from Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels so far. 

Who has been eliminated from Australian Survivor 2024?

(Credit: Ten)


After playing one of the season’s best blindsides, Raymond worked his way to the final four of Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels.

During the tribal council, the remaining contestants found the vote split between Caroline and Raymond, with both Feras and Caroline’s voting strategies failing to come to fruition. 

With the votes tied, Caroline and Raymond were tasked with assembling and lighting a fire, with the first to burn their piece of string safe from elimination. Unfortunately for Raymond, Caroline’s fire starting skills were slightly more sophisticated, leaving Caroline, Mark, and Feras in the final three. 

(Credit: Ten)


After unexpectedly placing last in the immunity challenge, Kirby was suddenly confronted with the reality that she may be the next contestant to leave Survivor. 

As one of the season’s strongest competitors, Kirby’s elimination quickly became a hot topic amongst the tribe. Feras and Raymond teamed up to hatch a scheme to convince the remainder of the tribe that they both have an immunity idol to narrow their voting options.

Ahead of the tribal council, Kirby asked point-blank if Feras would play his idol for her, and while their newfound alliance may have been growing strong, Feras opted to protect himself against his main competitor, sending Kirby home. Read Kirby’s full post-elimination interview with WHO, here

Kitty. (Credit: Ten)


Following the elimination of Kirby’s right-hand woman, the tribe rallied to weaken the alliance between Caroline and Kitty. Despite Caroline strategically playing her idol for Mark, Kirby and Feras quickly flipped their vote and along with Raymond, the OG Rebels voted to eliminate Kitty from the tribe.

Speaking to WHO following her elimination, Kitty shared, “I think if Caroline would’ve told Mark or Kirby about her idol, then they probably could’ve gotten rid of either Feras or Raymond.” 

When asked if she had any hint that she would be sent home, Kitty stated, “Not really, but I should’ve bloody known!”

Rianna. (Credit: Ten)


With Alex’s plan exposed during the last tribal council, Kirby quickly became aware that the target on her back may be larger than she initially thought.

With Feras and his alliance deciding on their strategy, Kirby and Rianna rallied together as two of the tribe’s strongest players to win their shot at immunity, knowing that whoever loses the challenge will likely be the next to go home. 

Despite Kirby’s last-minute plea to Feras and his alliance, the tribe were committed to taking out one pillar of her gameplay, making Rianna the 18th person voted out of Survivor Australia. 

Alex. (Credit: Ten)


In the aftermath of Valeria’s shock blindside, Alex boldly attempted to rally the Tasi tribe to evict their key strategist Kirby. 

With the numbers on his side heading into tribal council, Alex was confident that his strategy would come to fruition. Putting his ally Feras on the spot, Alex exposed his plan to blindside Kirby, with host Jonathan LaPaglia and the rest of the tribe shocked by his blatant honesty. 

Despite his brave campaign, Alex’s strategy was sadly no match for Kirby’s social influence, with the tribe rallying together at the last minute to send Alex home. 

Valeria. (Credit: Ten)


As Kirby and Feras continued to negotiate their new alliance, Raymond remained under the radar, telling his tribe mates that he felt his time in the competition was over. 

Despite his close connection with some of Survivor’s most strategic players, Raymond took a major risk and attempted to convince the entire tribe to write his name during the tribal council in order to win control of the vote. 

With his despondent facade proving to be successful, Raymond orchestrated the biggest blindside of the season so far, sending Valeria home from the island. 

(Credit: Ten)


Following Aileen’s shock blindside, Kirby forged her new alliance with former rival Feras, with their strategic gameplay proving to be unmatched in the competition so far.

Despite getting the majority of the tribe on side, Alex felt that he had been excluded from the pivotal conversations and instead forged a new alliance with Mark, Valeria, Caroline, and Kitty. While he may have been open with Feras, Alex’s honesty quickly placed a target on his back, with the group deciding to flip their vote in favour of his elimination during tribal council.

Fortunately for Alex, Rianna missed the memo that the vote had switched, with Jaden being sent home instead. 

Aileen. (Credit: Ten)


Despite stepping back from tribal politics, Kirby rallied her alliance to work alongside her strongest competitor Feras, however, she determined that original Rebels tribe member Aileen was forming a wedge between them and stopping them from working more strategically. 

With Aileen narrowly missing out on securing immunity, the tribe’s votes were split heading into the tribal council, with Feras’ alliance rallying to place their vote on their primary strategic threat Mark. 

Fortunately for Kirby, her approach to this week’s vote had worked in her favour, with her alliance eliminating Aileen from the newly formed Tasi tribe. 

Eden. (Credit: Ten)


With the bond between the original Titans tribe members fractured, Eden decided to rally his former tribe mates together to reunite their alliance. Despite his best efforts, tension continued to build between Mark and top competitors Caroline, Valeria, and Kitty. 

After reuniting over a much-needed BBQ challenge reward, the tribe’s key players were all united in their vote, siding with Eden’s plan to eliminate former Rebel Raymond from the newly merged tribe. 

Unfortunately, Eden’s plan did not totally come to fruition, with the tribe splitting their votes evenly between both him and Raymond. While he may have had the support of part of his tribe, Eden was sent home from Survivor following a tense re-vote. 

Winna. (Credit: Ten)


Following Scott’s voluntary withdrawal, the tribe were faced with another night of tension after plans to eliminate Kitty were made public knowledge.

As chaos continued to ensue throughout camp, Mark was determined to stick to the plan to eliminate Kitty, however, the tribe became split, with new alliances causing fractures in what was previously a majority vote. 

Joining forces with Caroline, Feras helped lead the effort to blindside Winna, taking his revenge for Garrick’s shock elimination earlier in the season. Although the final vote was a close call, Feras’ plan ultimately came to fruition and Winna was sent home. 

Scott. (Credit: Ten)


Following an intense week, it came time for the Titans and Rebels to drop their tribe colours and merge into one team. As each of the contestants began to develop their alliances with their new tribe mates, many quickly got to work planning their strategy for the upcoming tribal council.

Kirby, as one of the island’s strongest competitors, rallied tribemates Mark and Valeria to lead the vote to eliminate Kitty however, Scott believed that she was not the right person to send home. 

Reflecting on his decision to tell Kitty of the tribe’s plans, Scott told WHO, “I still stand by everything… When I found out people wanted to get rid of her, I didn’t see the reasoning… She’s not been playing crazy hard, but I thought she deserved her chance.” 

After a tense week, Scott made the brave decision to depart the competition for his mental health, saving Kitty from elimination.

“Your mental health is so important, and I didn’t go into the game wanting to win $500,000, I went into the game because I wanted to play Survivor, and I felt like I’d done that,” Scott shared. 

(Credit: Ten)


Heading into the final days before the tribal merge, the Titans once again found themselves up for elimination, with the tribe’s key players quickly getting to work to organise their strategy. 

Prior to the immunity challenge, Kelli confronted Kirby about their alliance, saying that she felt Kirby’s involvement with Scotty and Valeria was weakening their alliance. While Kelli pleaded her case, Kirby remained focused on the game, telling the camera that while she likes Kelli personally, she is not a strong strategic player. 

Reflecting on her strategy, Kelli told WHO, “I don’t think I would play it differently. I do believe it was the right decision trying to take out a bigger player at that time, but we were heading into merge, and everything changes then, so I think I made the right decision trying to take out a bigger player. I just needed more time!”

In a rare cooperative move, Kirby teamed up with her main rival Feras to join forces to rally their alliances to successfully eliminate Kelli. 

Speaking to WHO following her elimination, Kelli shared, “I probably called it a blindside last night, but it wasn’t really a blindside. I know what I do, I know the decisions I make. I was sad, don’t get me wrong, because I didn’t want my game to stop. That’s why I said to Alex, ‘Can you play your idol for me?’, as if that was going to happen.”

Charles. (Credit: Ten)


Following Garrick’s blindside, Feras was extremely disappointed that the original Titans tribe had deceived him and sided with his strongest competition Kirby.

Sensing unease in her position in camp, Aileen teams up with tribemates Valeria and Charles to work as an undercover agent – attempting to discover whether Feras has a potential immunity idol. 

In a shocking tribal council twist, it was revealed that the tribe would have to fight for their right to vote, with only Kirby, Aileen, and Feras being granted the ability to cast their deciding vote.

Although they initially did not come to a majority decision, the group took part in a revote that sent Charles home. 

(Credit: Ten)


After losing hold of their winning streak during the barrel challenge, Garrick was determined to rally his tribe to enact his strategy to eliminate Kirby. 

“I had a bee in my bonnet about Kirby, and I think Feras and I pushed each other towards that feeling more and more,” Garrick told WHO following his elimination.

“I probably should’ve been a little bit more focused on the numbers of the original Rebels versus the original Titans and if we went down that way, I possibly would have made it to at least another round.” 

Sadly for Garrick, Kirby’s social influence proved to be a great strength ahead of the elimination, with many of the tribe aligning with her strategy and evicting Garrick from the island. 

Reflecting on his emotional elimination, Garrick shared, “Once you leave to go to tribal, that’s it. There’s no more discussion. Once we sat at tribal, I looked around and I could just read the tells and the facial expressions and I knew [I was going home]. I absolutely 100% knew it, but it was all there too late.”

“I wish that I had stood up and said, ‘Don’t go any further,’ and voiced my [plan] to Feras, then I probably would have gotten across the line. It just becomes so nerve-wracking, and the anxiety is killing you. Your mind just does not click quickly enough.”

Sarah. (Credit: Ten)


After Viola’s blindside rocked the Rebels tribe, Mark and Caroline were forced to renegotiate their alliance, with the Rebels being sent to the tribal council for the second night in a row. 

Turning on his former alliance, Mark began to lay the groundwork to eliminate Kitty and set out his path for revenge by convincing the tribe to split the final vote three ways.  

With many of the Rebels making a point to trust their gut, the tribe split their vote between Sarah and Caroline, with the final tie-breaker seeing Sarah eliminated from the competition. 

Viola. (Credit: Ten)


Following the drama of the first tribe swap, the dynamics of the Rebels and Titans were quickly shaken up. 

With the tribes divided, the six newfound members of the Rebels were determined to stick together, with the former Titans hoping to rally their new tribemates to evict one of the original Rebels.

Sadly for the Titans, the remaining members of the original Rebels squad rallied together to eliminate their new tribemate, Viola, with Caroline leading the blindside against both Viola and her main ally Mark. 

Nathan. (Credit: Ten)


As the dynamics within the two tribes continued to shift, Titans member Caroline felt that not everyone in the tribe was on board with their shared mission for victory. 

Beginning her campaign to blindside Nathan, Caroline began to clash with fellow tribemate Mark, who instead rallied his alliance to evict Caroline from the competition. 

Fortunately for Caroline, Mark and his squad decided to vote in favour of Caroline’s blindside – evicting Nathan from the competition. 

Tobias. (Credit: Ten)


With the competition entering its second week, the signature strategic game of Survivor was well and truly underway, with Aileen rallying her Rebels tribe allies to vote out both Alex and Tobias. 

Despite the vast majority of the tribe placing their vote behind Alex, it was Kelli who cast the deciding vote that blindsided Tobias and saw him become the fourth competitor to leave the competition. 

Peta. (Credit: Ten)


Reaching the end of their first week in Samoa, Peta’s alliance with Alex, Sarah, and Tobias proved to be going strong, with the group beginning to plot their scheme to eliminate either Kelly or Raymond from the competition. 

Unbeknownst to her group, the remainder of the Rebels tribe were hatching a scheme of their own, with the group blindsiding Peta and voting her out of the Survivor camp. 

Jessica. (Credit: Ten)


After successfully executing her plan to blindside fellow Titan Frankie, Jessica seemingly fell out of favour with the remainder of her tribe. 

Having proven her status as a strong strategic game player, Jessica’s fellow Titans appeared to recognise her position as a threat in the competition, with the tribe voting to eliminate Jessica at the second Survivor tribal council. 

Frankie. (Credit: Ten)


Following a challenging first 48 hours in the jungles of Samoa, the Titans tribe was sadly the first to be placed up for elimination.

Despite being in the very early stages of their Survivor journey, the tribe wasted no time hatching their first strategic vote. Sadly for Frankie, seven of her 12 tribe members decided that her time on the island was over, making her the first contestant to leave the competition. 

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