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Big Brother Australia 2023: Meet the Housemates

The latest batch of singles are ready to take home the win.
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Big Brother Australia is officially back for 2023, with this year’s season promising to be the spiciest one yet. 

With a new set of game-changing rules, new rooms, and new tasks, the latest instalment of Big Brother Australia is set to be one of the most challenging to date. 

WATCH: Big Brother 2023 | First Look. Article continues after video. 

Stepping up to the challenge are 14 new housemates, with each hoping to find love and a Big Brother Australia win under the watchful eye of over 80 hidden cameras. 

“This year, the house is full of sexy singles who have plenty of game, but not necessarily the strategic kind,” host Sonia Kruger told Seven. 

As the contestants prepare to compete their way to the $100,000 cash prize, scroll down to meet the housemates of Big Brother Australia 2023. 

Who is the cast of Big Brother Australia 2023? 

(Credit: Seven)

AnnaSophia – NSW

Age: 30

Occupation: Luxury Fashion Manager

Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, self-proclaimed “devil in disguise” AnnaSophia is ready to charm her way through the Big Brother Australia house. 

Hoping to bring a bit of mischief to the competition, AnnaSophia is prepared to flirt her way out of any sticky situations, telling Seven that she “loves men, so please throw them my way.”

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(Credit: Seven)

Annelise – QLD

Age: 24 

Occupation: Pilates Instructor

As a strong believer in monogamy, Annelise is wary of making any romantic connections in the house.

Describing herself as “the friend that you send up to the bouncer to get you to the front of the queue,” Annelise is committed to upholding her strong values of loyalty during her time on Big Brother Australia. 

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(Credit: Seven)

Dion – VIC

Age: 26

Occupation: Lighting Designer

While many of the singles are hoping to find their future partner, lighting designer Dion is ready to utilise Big Brother Australia as the ultimate singles playground.

Admitting that he is prepared to “throw anyone under the bus if I have to,” Dion is determined to compete his way not only to a win, but to a verified tick on his socials. 

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(Credit: Seven)

Graciemae – NSW

Age: 24

Occupation: Personal Assistant

Describing her personality as Barbara Streisand’s character in Meet the Fockers, Graciemae believes that her self-professed psychic abilities will help inform her strategy on Big Brother Australia. 

Claiming she could “fall in love with a pineapple if it looked at me the wrong way,” Graciemae is prepared to flirt her way through the competition.

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(Credit: Seven)

Jake – VIC

Age: 25

Occupation: Carpenter

Hoping to use his confidence to win over his fellow housemates, Jake’s primary strategy is to flirt his way through the competition. 

“You’ll get a lot of blonde moments out of me,” Jake told Seven, adding that he is prepared to do “anything to keep me in the house.”

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(Credit: Seven)

Josh – NSW

Age: 28 

Occupation: Traction Linesman

Eager to use his competitive nature to his advantage, Josh is prepared to step outside his comfort zone in order to progress further in the competition. 

Alongside a Big Brother Australia win, Josh is also ready to find love in the House, telling Seven that his ideal partner is “a girl that makes everyone feel important. Someone loyal, easygoing, very active, loves food, and loves to travel.”

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(Credit: Seven)

Lewis – VIC

Age: 26

Occupation: Carpenter

After having his heart broken at 21, Lewis has shied away from the dating game – having not been in a relationship since. 

Described by his friends as a “life-enthusiast,” Lewis is open to experiencing as much as possible in the Big Brother house, including a potential romance. 

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(Credit: Seven)

Louis – VIC

Age: 24

Occupation: Social Media Manager

With over 93,000 TikTok followers, fitness fanatic Louis is dedicated to finding true love in the Big Brother house. 

“[I] can’t kiss someone and walk away,” he told Seven, adding, “I hope to challenge myself and the lengths I will go to in order to maintain my morals.”

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(Credit: Seven)

Luke – NSW

Age: 33

Occupation: Tradesman

Hoping to balance his friendly and competitive nature, self-proclaimed prankster Luke believes that he will be able to get along with anyone in the Big Brother house.

When asked what would make one of his housemates his perfect match, Luke told Seven that he has his eye out for “someone funny with good banter and a risk taker who is smaller than me.” 

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(Credit: Seven)

Minee – WA

Age: 22

Occupation: Model

Dubbing herself the blonde Megan Fox, Minee tells Seven that despite her bubbly personality, people often find her intimidating, but she won’t let any of her fellow housemates project their insecurities onto her. 

Having recently broken up with her boyfriend after he bought her an engagement ring, the 22-year-old says that she is in no hurry to tie the knot, however, she is still open to finding love in the Big Brother house. 

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(Credit: Seven)

Quan – VIC

Age: 33

Occupation: Policy Manager

Newly single, Quan has recently re-entered the dating scene, with the 33-year-old joining Big Brother Australia in the hopes of finding her future husband. 

Speaking on her approach to her time in the House, Quan told Seven that she believes her ability to “think logically in any situation and being able to work under pressure,” will be her biggest assets throughout the competition. 

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(Credit: Seven)

Tay & Ari – QLD

Age: 23 (Tay), 20 (Ari)

Occupation: Social Media Influencers

Competing together as one housemate, sisters Tay and Ari are on the lookout for love in the Big Brother Australia house.

With over 60,000 Instagram followers between them, the social media influencers believe that their confidence will instantly charm their fellow housemates.

Follow Tay on Instagram here. 
Follow Ari on Instagram here. 

(Credit: Seven)

Taylah – VIC

Age: 27

Occupation: Sheep Farmer

Having amassed over 1 million followers on TikTok for her signature “big sister b******t,” sheep farmer Taylah is hoping to use her friendly demeanour to exploit her fellow housemates; telling Seven that she plans to offer support to her housemates while actually just manipulating them to help her secure the Big Brother Australia win. 

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(Credit: Seven)

Zach – VIC

Age: 22 

Occupation: House Painter

Based in country Victoria, Zach is prepared to scheme his way through the Big Brother house.

Despite working as a house painter, Zach tells Seven that while on dates, he claims that he is a dolphin trainer at Sea World – even going as far as to update his dating profiles and social media to reflect his commitment to the fabricated story. 

Follow Zach on Instagram here. 

Who are the Big Brother Australia 2023 intruders?

(Credit: Seven)

Bella – VIC

Age: 25

Occupation: Gymnastics Coach

The first of Big Brother’s new intruders, Bella aims to use her natural charm to flirt her way to victory.

Speaking to Seven, Bella revealed that she has no issue stirring up drama and often gets into trouble for spilling other people’s secrets. While she may sometimes cause drama, Bella admits that she is able to easily talk her way out of any confrontation. 

Follow Bella on Instagram here. 

(Credit: Seven)

Teejay – QLD

Age: 26

Occupation: Business Development Manager

While Teejay may be well aware of his good looks, he hopes that his charm and charisma will quickly endear him to his fellow housemates. 

Approaching the game with a calculating mindset, Teejay is not afraid to make the difficult decisions in pursuit of his place in the Big Brother finale. 

Follow Teejay on Instagram here. 

Maddi-rose. (Credit: Seven)

Maddi-rose – NSW

Based on the NSW Central Coast, professional dancer Maddi-rose is the third intruder to entire the Big Brother house. 

Speaking on her approach to the competition, Maddi-rose told Seven, “I’m going to bring the fun, the flirty, and the fabulous.”

Unafraid to bring a little drama, she also shared that she will be bringing her feisty side to the house, adding, “I’m 100% more fiery because of my red hair.”

Follow Maddi-rose on Instagram here. 

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