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Dr Kate Adams: Everything you need to know about the newest real Housewife of Sydney

"Is it allowed if you don't have a husband?"
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Are you allowed to join The Real Housewives franchise if you don’t have a husband? That’s a question Dr Kate Adams, best known for her work on Bondi Vet was willing to ask. 

“I never really imagined that I would be allowed to be on Housewives,” the 41-year-old vet told WHO ahead of the premiere of The Real Housewives of Sydney. “Is it allowed if you don’t have a husband?”

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The short answer is yes, you can. Despite the name of the show, a number of women who have appeared on the franchise have either been single, unmarried or divorced – with host and executive producer Andy Cohen himself previously explaining the term ‘housewives’ was never meant to be taken so literally. 

“I think Housewives is the name and I think it’s a little bit of a wink because housewives is an old-fashioned term and we’re turning it on its head because a housewife now, it’s a modern woman and it’s something totally different,” he said on What What Happens Live. 

Now, Kate is leading the way for Aussies as she gears up to appear in the global franchise. 

The Real Housewives of Sydney will premiere on October 10, 2023. (Credit: Getty)

“I think that at least for Australia anyway, it’s a big step,” she said about joining the show despite not being a typical houswife. “It’s a really big step and I still get asked the question, ‘How are you a housewife’ and I think being able to reimagine what a housewife is… I feel honoured.”

“I really do feel like this is fabulous. I’m glad for young people out there…and for people like me.”

“I never really imagined that I would be allowed to be on Housewives,” Kate tells WHO. (Credit: Supplied.)

Kate’s newest TV gig marks a distinctive change in her career direction, as she closes the chapter on five years of Bondi Vet. 

“I had always only ever really shown one part of my life on that show,” she explains, “But this [Real Housewives of Sydney] was an opportunity for me to show a different part of my life and it was a real challenge.”

“I’m always one to roll the dice and I thought, You know what, this is just a great natural progression.”

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“I’m always one to roll the dice,” Kate explains. (Credit: Getty)

“Beverly Hills will always be my OG,” Kate, a self-described “super fan” of the renowned franchise laughs, “It’s really nice to be able to see now what is actually happening on the other side.”

“There are parts of everybody and every character [on the show] that you don’t always 100% agree with,” Kate explains, “and then there are parts that you do and I think being able to identify with someone on the show makes it really enjoyable to watch, so I hope we did that in our season.”

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